Britney Spears's sister is pregs

The young Spears is definitely following the footsteps of older sis, cause one Spears reproducing isn't enough. In other news, the book their mother was about to release on christian parenting? Yeah, totally not gonna get published ! But they are not going broke anytime soon though: Mommy and daughter sold the story to OK magazine for 1 million dollars. Christian Family Values indeed! 

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  1. Ahmed
    December 20, 2007 at 11:35 am

    As a friend said, they should have gone with the book, changing the title to: Raising Skanks the Spears Way.

  2. Nomad
    December 20, 2007 at 2:15 pm

    what will this aliened family do next to get the first page in actualities ?

  3. Xylo
    December 20, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    Birth control in the water supply please …

  4. steve
    December 20, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    You can take the Spears out of the trailor park, but you can’t take the trailor park out of the Spears.

  5. Mikael
    December 20, 2007 at 8:30 pm

    Oh dear, the human gene pool just got diluted. Again.

  6. Brian the sailor
    December 21, 2007 at 1:52 am

    I was thinking about posting about this myself, but the voices in my head kept telling me…
    Medically speaking, the best time for a woman to have her first child is between 15 and 18.
    Women who have their first children at a young age are at a reduced risk for breast cancer.

    But, most importantly, it’s none of my damn business!

  7. Don
    December 21, 2007 at 8:25 am

    If any other (non-famous) 16 year old girl had been knocked up by her 19 year old boyfriend, we would not know her name. If the boy were charged with statutory rape, we’d know his name, but not hers. Why does being a J list celeb take that privacy away?

  8. Michael
    December 21, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    I thought Darwinites believed in nature and evolution. It appears a very fit, very fertile female who most likely reached puberty three years ago is now pregnant.

    What is so bad about such natural events?

    From some of the comments and postings, I fail to see that the educational level is much greater in IQ levels than the girl being snarked at.

    Or maybe, Darwinites believe in Eugenics, like Hitler? Only the very gifted are allowed to give birth? And maybe you want only blonde haired, blue eyed babies that can run a mile in under 4 minutes, solve complex Lorenz Transformations using Differential Equations, and vote like robots for nanny state centralized government control? Maybe like China? Abort, abort, abort.

    Get over it. She made a mistake, a big one. But, having the baby is very natural to do. It is called taking responsibility for ones actions. Something that most in Hollywood do not teach or the media does not recognize, therefore over 40 million dead babies murdered in our country.

    Sex education obviously has not worked, is a complete failure. Telling a child to put on a condom has led to over 40 million abortions at taxpayors expense. Instead of importing cheap labor, uneducated, that cannot speak english, we aborted much of our future in the name of FollyWood, Liberal Media Madness and Political Correctness run amok.

    The only thing our secular, humanist anti-god, anti-Christ, ACLU sponsored hatefest of all things transcendent has produced is a bunch of dumbed down, fantasy kids that can do largely nothing but press buttons.

    Logic skills are gone, math is fuzzy, and relativism is embraced as core curriculum where no one is wrong except people who have the audacity to insist there is right and wrong.

    You get what you desire. A chaotic world of senseless debauchery, utter blindness and darkness. You have taught the kids well. You stand for absolutely nothing. All is equal and no one is allowed to discern truth. Truth is what each of us think it is or makes it up to be as we go along. You now want to rant and rage against a 16 year old for embracing your madness?

    These children raised with your mentality are now buying into it. And you don’t like it? They’re having sex with anyone, anytime, anyplace. Is that not what Follywood teaches us all to do? Oh and… gee, use a condom. Take a pill, and after the abortion, take some uppers for your depression, can’t sleep take some downers, and pay $200/hr for some pop-psych to listen to all your problems that the TV led you to while Mommy and Daddy were playing ConsumersRUs Covet thy 2-story brick house, 3-car garage fantasy.

    But by no means don’t be a traditional family. That is wicked, stupid and old-fashioned!!! How dare Mommy stay home, or Daddy be a real man. How dare in deed they be responsible and not get a divorce. How dare our culture not embrace the truth of Daddy/Daddy families. All is relative ya’know.

    But don’t blame MTV, VH1, Viacom, GE, NBC, CBS, ABC, schilling hip-hop, rock, schizzle, go fizzle sex scenes, adultry, stupid men, dumb housewives and anti-Christian hatemongoring. Afterall, we know that MTV truly cares about our darling children and would never lead them into meaningless sexual relationships, built upon lies, fantasy and pain.

    Or, the Pornographic images floating all over the internet of sexual varieties to anyones content 24x7x365 thanks to the ACLU supporters of NAMBLA pedophiles.

    Any 13 year old knows how to get around nanny software on Mommies computer better than Mommy knows how to create an avatar or exist in a Second Life.

    All STDs are flourishing and growing at younger and younger ages because younger children are now being routinely exposed to the trash that the secular progressives fought for to be in your homes, on cable, on the internet and in public libraries.

    This will touch just about everyone you know, including maybe your own family. So please, put the self-righteous indignation aside. 16yr old girls have been getting pregnant since the dawn of ages. Some of them gave birth to fantastic talented minds in the past. Minds that as prodigies studied and wrote great compositions, classics and discovered scientific facts. The problem is not the fact that she is 16. The problem is how society has dumbed down children to the point of idiocy where adults still behave as spoiled teenagers. That is the problem.

    Our society must change its direction for our children, for our future, or it will continue to spiral out of control into a larger cesspool of incompetence and immorality. The two go hand in hand if you have not noticed. And in this age of modern technology and scientific breakthrus we cannot afford to lose our children.

    Our society routinely idolizes sex, follywood stars and fools. Our companies market trash 24×7 as culture. A society that has no norms, ceases to be. A society that refuses to protect its children from adult sexual playgrounds, is one doomed to failure. A society that lifts up the immoral as great art is a society that is fit to conquer and fall. Because most sheep will follow such wolves is long been known. It is easy to slough off and slumber when the fruits of our past ancestors are still easy for the pickens. But it will not last forever.

    America is on a road to eventual failure if it does not correct the course ahead for our children. It is time some wake up and realized it. It will not happen in our generation. But we are doomed to repeat the failures of history if we allow our society to continue on its current path of degeneration at younger ages by the allowance of abnormal behavior preached as normal thru all media outlets without any adult control.

    It is one thing to have adult video stores where one must be 18 to venture in and is tightly controlled. But the internet cesspool of 24×7 anything goes from rimming to beatiality is rotting our childrens minds, it is ruining families lives and it is starving the future of this nation. We must begin to reign in what the ACLU has unleashed upon our society, or future generations will be at a loss to do so without severe consequences.

    If you do not believe me, that we are walking down a very Blind alley, please understand that in England, the 2nd most given name of newborn baby boys in England is now Mohammed. You can preach “multi-cultural” anything goes all you like. Problem is, a brainwashed Abortive population cannot produce enough births to continue such an existence for future generations against a brainwashed have as many babies for Allah to kill the infidels.

    This is happening all over Europe today where they allowed a flood tide of immigrants in equating as equal all cultures and religions. Their blindness to truth is leading to their downfall. Their indigenous people are graying and dying daily with more power growing each generation to the very people that hate them.

    America has a much larger population. Our time buffer is larger. Our immigrants fortunately come from same religious foundations. But the truth is, by not teaching responsibility to our children, by teaching a nihilistic, God is Dead curriculum, all is equal, all is relative, we are losing our position in this world slowly.

    This very small issue merely highlights the very large and real problems our nation faces for the future. If you teach anti-family, anti-Christ, anti-orthodox traditions, then you will ultimately get chaos and anarchy.

    So be it… Don’t complain as it happens to you and yours. Until everyone is willing to look at these issues largely in a complex world with competing ideas and social movements, the current social malaise of this country will continue. 15,000 cars burning in France is a mere blip of what can happen in the future. Why do you think a slight more “conservative” Sarkozy was voted in by the people of France against all liberal media? Because there is still some hope left. But within another several decades their population will shift and radical Islam will grow stronger.

    Please wake up. This is more than just about one young girl who made a mistake. This is about you, your childrens future. Sustaining a free country is not easy to do. The dumbing down of our children by the large media corporations and secular schools is limiting our childrens potential and our nations future.

  9. slp
    December 22, 2007 at 11:01 am

    Spears’ not Spears’s

  10. brooklynjon
    December 25, 2007 at 6:25 am

    “Spears” is her name, not a plural. So the possessive is “Spears’s”

    If it was possessed by more than one of the Spears family, the Spearses, then it would be Spearses’.

    Only if the family name were “Spear” and one was talking about something possessed by more than one family member would it become Spears’.

  11. celebritygossip
    March 13, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    I don’t think its right to say shes following the steps of her sister. Shes in the entertainment business and they get put under to much pressure to be “great” at such a young age. I have been following a lot of the spears family issues on, and as ugly as it has been, I feel bad for all of them and everyone is subject to poor decision making at one point in their lives, and this is one of those moments…all I can say is I feel bad for her but she’ll pull through probably better than her sister has…I just seems majority of the celebrity news today has to do with something bad, theres few things happening.


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