Putin is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year


Cause, you know, people who aren't despotic dictators the world over were busy..

Fuck, even Al Gore would've been better than this guy.

Anyway, Article on him here, and interview with him here. The interview is telling. Here is a Money quote:

What do you think are American misconceptions about Russia?
Well, you know, I don't believe these are misconceptions. I think this
is a purposeful attempt by some to create an image of Russia based on
which one could influence our internal and foreign policies. This is
the reason why everybody is made to believe, like, it's O.K. to pinch
the Russians somewhat. They are a little bit savage still, or they just
climbed down from the trees and probably need to have their hair
brushed and their beards trimmed.

Chip on shoulder much? No wonder he is such a dick! 


  1. is he ment to be the “asshole ” of the year ?

    well, in case I can produce some other names too :

    Qadafhi, Bouteflika… Chavez

  2. Dude, man of the year is not the “best” man, it refers to the man with the greatest IMPACT for the year. read the article on TIME and tell me he had no impact? by the way, Hitler won man of the year before WWII, and Stalin, the great dictator who killed 20m people, won it twice….

  3. Melissa in NorCal says:

    They should have used his “Fish and Stream” photo. Ha ha. He reminds me of the prince in Shrek. Compensating much?

  4. Hmmm i love this picture. Who took it? It just says everything!

  5. Well, yeah, we all know time´s man of the year is not a popularity contest. But I dislike the obvious admiration for Putin that everywhere here in the west. I think we really do underestimate the Russians and their rights. Did anyone hear CNNs Moscow correspondent defend the price?
    She basically said Russians does not need democracy as long as they have a strong hand, hence Putin is a great guy for them…..and, she said, he has done such a great job with the russian economy, and withouth putin it would all shatter.

    That is, off course, wrong. Truth to be told, Putin haven´t really done that well, considering the always increasing oil prices. Everyone knows that a dictatorship isn´t good for the economy…go figure.

  6. brooklynjon says:

    Putin is the devil. He even looks like the devil.

  7. brooklynjon, it’s true…Putin never even tries to look personable or slightly warm. I think that’s also a very telling characteristic of his. He tries so hard to bring back the old cold days.

  8. well Bjon, he is the devil we know so that we can fix a policy towards , unlike the other devils who are acting in moving sands

  9. What do you think are American misconceptions about Russia?

    It’s really cold and everyone walks around with long furry coats and big furry hats.

  10. Their fishy choice is very shameful!

  11. They always say that choosing people like Hitler and the like is just reflective of their importance and not an endorsement. But given that they feel this petty ante circus performer is of such importance to them merely because he dislikes America and was able to roll back some of the political progress of his people and their neighbors while most people sat back grinning like idiots is demonstrative of TIME’s pathetic standards. Oil and other natural resource prices combined with the unpopular and uncompleted reforms of the Yelsin years kept Putin from tanking Russia’s economy despite his best efforts at mismanagement. Putin managed to interfere somewhat with the attempts of his neighbors to secure freedom and prosperity so that might make him of some minor regional importance. They are probably also impressed by his ability to remain in power without technically violating the constitution. The left often sees persistence in the face of failure as an extremely virtuous thing.

    Even as an “militant” secularist I would have picked Pope Benedict. He managed to whip up large numbers of zealots into a frenzy with some words that were merely quoting an historical figure while being calculated to cause a response that was so heavy in irony as to nearly bust a hole in the fabric of spacetime.

    Or general (betray-us-by-doing-the-job-you-said-you-would-which-we-all-applauded-when-you-told-us-of-the-plan)

  12. Todays Russia has the same GDP as New York state and New York doesn’t have the gift of oil and gas reserves. Russia is hardly what I would call a world player, in reality they haven’t been a super power in decades. Putin is in the same class as Hugo Chavez and Almondjoydinerjacket of Iran. General Petraeus would have made soooo much better of a choice for the most influential man of the year. But the radical ideolouges at Time, Newsweak, NYT and the rest will never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, they spin what ever they can and the weak minded lemmings follow blindly.

  13. They just knew what happens if you vote for someone else. Me thinks Time has its “Man of the Year” for many many years to come.

  14. he is the devil we know so that we can fix a policy towards
    Well, Nomad. You forgotten what happened to Napoleon who also wanted to fix a policy of certain country.
    Thinking about the devil we know is always sooooooo reassuring. It is just as reassuring as the knowledge of who Putin was* before he got to be a president of USSR /ups, I mean Russia, of course/
    *for those who do not know – Putin is a former KGB man .


    I am disconsolate that Time has chosen Putin as a man of the year. I thought and I still think that Ahmadinejad is far better choice. Nobody, but nobody, can equal achievements of Antarinejad…ups, Ahmadinejad. He should be THE MAN.

  15. Ella,

    Heil misstress, ya know all about Putin, but your so wit that you can’t even imagine that your not alone on that earth that have access to the infos, yes cherie I was in School with Putin grandfather… ya know where ? in the kitchen, so long, miss prout prout

    you won’t miss a hole to show your frustrated feelings towards France ; thanks anyway to compare little Sarko to Napoleaon (they both are frome the petite population, see if Sarko ll finish as a Cognac label too)

  16. “They just knew what happens if you vote for someone else.”

    Yeah. you could get lead or polonium 210 poisoning!! Or you could get your company stolen from you, the list of mishaps that can happen to Russian citizens and non citizens that stand up to Putin is growing everyday!


    Didn’t they kill the last Czar along with his family?