Ask Zawahiri anything

It's the Youtube debate for Jihadies. Send the questions you've always wanted to ask to Zawahiri ("So which is it? Boxers or Briefs?") and he will answer them in his next video probably. Achieve fame and fortune, and have your name linked to Zawahiri until he dies. Ideal for people who would hate to fly ever ever again!

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  1. Depleted Pork Bullets
    December 22, 2007 at 6:57 pm

    Why do you pervert your religion and smear mud on every muslim and the prophet? Why do you hate the west? Do you have a small penis or no penis at all? When we kill you do you think anyone will remember you? Are you a homosexual? Do you expect your actions to make you a martyr? Do you have any idea what a coward is? Do you ever clean yourself or even believe in hygene? Do you like the taste of Bin Laden’s asshole?


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