Benazeer Bhutto assassinated by Al Qaeda


Former Pakistani PM and Opposition Leader Benazeer Bhutto just got assassinated 40 minutes ago. She was shot by a gunman who proceeded to blow himself up after shooting her, killing 20 others as well.

A party security adviser said Bhutto was shot in neck and chest as she got into her vehicle to leave the rally in Rawalpindi near the capital Islamabad. A gunman then blew himself up.

"At 6:16 p.m. she expired," said Wasif Ali Khan, a member of Bhutto's party who was at Rawalpindi General Hospital where she was taken after the attack.

The only question now is, who is behind this? The method of assassination is one used by Islamic militants, and they did try to assassinate her before, within hours of her return, resulting in the deadliest suicide bombing in Pakistan's history. Now, Bhutto had 2 people who, politically speaking, would benefit from her death: Musharraf and Nawaz Sherif. Bhutto did rub Nawaz the wrong way, especially with her insistence on not boycotting the elections-like he plans to- which weakens the position of his opposition party on the illegitimacy's of the pakistani elections. Nawaz also reportedly has strong ties with the islamist parties in Pakistan, so he also has the following that could do such a thing. However, the Bhutto supporters seem to have placed the blame on Musharraf instead:

Her supporters at the hospital began chanting "Dog, Musharraf, dog," referring to Pakistan's president Pervez Musharraf.

Some smashed the glass door at the main entrance of the emergency unit, others burst into tears. One man with a flag of Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party tied around his head was beating his chest.

That being said, the woman did have many other enemies than just Nawaz and Musharraf, both of which have more to lose if suspected of being behind her murder. She was on the hit list of both Al Qaeda and Al Taliban, not to mention other islamist terrorist groups. This could've been caused by anybody. I guess the next few days will tell. Or maybe hours. No one issued a statement of responsibility yet. It's very unlikely that it was an independent agent though, the woman is hated by many and considered the symbol of opportunism and corruption, but a gun and a suicide bomber belt? Not easy to come by  if you are acting solo. I mean, sure, it's Pakistan, but come on. A group was behind this. The only question left is who.

Update: Here are some Pictures from the Attack:




Update: Al Qaeda took responsbility for the assassination:

A spokesperson for the al-Qaeda terrorist network has claimed responsibility for the death on Thursday of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

“We terminated the most precious American asset which vowed to defeat [the] mujahadeen,” Al-Qaeda’s commander and main spokesperson Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid told Adnkronos International (AKI) in a phone call from an unknown location, speaking in faltering English. Al-Yazid is the main al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan.

It is believed that the decision to kill Bhutto, who is the leader of the opposition Pakistan People's Party (PPP), was made by al-Qaeda No. 2, the Egyptian doctor, Ayman al-Zawahiri in October.



  1. While not unexpected, I am in shock. This is a sad day for not only Pakistan but the world as well. I have always admired her for being such a strong woman who spoke her mind and stood up for her beliefs. Terrible.

  2. Interesting.
    The people in the background look really calm. Odd, I would have thought
    more people would be freaking out

  3. Anna, you don’t know how people will react in a state of shock. It’s not fair to use a handful of photos and say that people look calm. This is a horrible day for the Pakistanis.

  4. This is definitely a horrible day. My father was in tears. I admire BB’s convictions and determination. It is sad to see yet another battle lost to the fundamental forces of our world. These were barbaric attacks.

    From a political perspective; I don’t agree with SMs analysis. I don’t see any one gaining from this tragedy.

  5. Reading the news in an attempt of trying to understand which opinion I have on Bhutto, I can’t help remembering this post of yours, reporting “The View from Pakistan” some days after Benazir’s return to Pakistan.

    Now, according to the world trend, the liberal democratics (a category in which I include myself) are supposed to martyrize her, but actually I’m wondering: what the hell! I don’t know almost anything about her!!
    I mean, Pakistan is immersed in a chaotic situation not just from October 18, but the media didn’t find it enough appealing to deal with that mess, since they can’t leave even for a second their “true love”: the israeli-palestinian mess, which is much less messy, or at least, much clearer to the mortals. I mean, even an average Sicilian taxy driver has his own definite and accurate opinion on the Zionist occupation and all the stuff…

  6. Well, many people, including “liberals” like myself would have a problem making BB a Martyr. She had conviction and all that other jazz but then there are many concerns around her and her family’s corruption and so forth. No doubt she loved Pakistan, but i definitely wouldnt have liked her version of Pakistan any more than I don’t like Musharaf’s.

  7. does any one have the slightest faint idea how the heck Pakistan internal politics are aligning???!?
    monitoring that freaky country is as hard as monitoring N.Korea since Pakistan bloody independence

    Butto as (Secular Liberal Democrat Martyr), well i don’t no if [Secular Liberal Democrat] have (really) any thing to do with Pakistan, even her party (based on the Sind Local Powermorgers) has its own fair share of corruption.

    The leftwing alredy started thier mirage on the Pervez alignment with USA for Butto death!??!?

    one thing for sure that she aleinated herself from all the political factions in Pakistan and went along with her own personal credit……such an act in pakistan nowadays are like having a (Death Wish)

  8. i can’t express the state of shock i’m in at her death… have not been able to concentrate on anything else since it happened. but let’s not forget that this was a truly, deeply evil woman (i know i’m hardly impartial… but still).

  9. Olive Picker says:

    *shakes head*

    I would like to write something about how this will worsen things in an already unstable area, but words just fail me.

  10. What a terrible tragedy.
    The writing was on the wall wasn’t it?

  11. Since about half the people in Pakistan think Bin Laden is a great guy, 15-20% more than like Musharraf, it’s safe to say ‘al Qaeda’ was involved.

  12. John Cunningham says:

    Murderous crimminals, whatever their name are responsible.

  13. I’m in complete shock over this. SM, I wish you didn’t post pictures of dead people! you were the one who criticized many Palestinians and Lebanese for posting pictures of dead people.

    I wish you remove them.

  14. The loss of a prominent female politician in the muslim world is a loss, regardless of her ideals or any allegations of corruption. Hopefully something good will come of it!

    Personally, I just love the way Al Qaeda describes anyone not in cahoots with them as “american assets”… Like there is noone else in the world that are in opposition to them and their ideology…!

  15. “Personally, I just love the way Al Qaeda describes anyone not in cahoots with them as “american assets”… Like there is noone else in the world that are in opposition to them and their ideology…!”

    Sounds like something an American Asset would say.

    Somebody attempting to kill or killing the leadership in Pakistan isn’t a huge suprise these days, but this is an ominous development. Apparently the government/security services in Pakistan are full of people sympathetic to Al-queda and other groups interested in either war with India or war with all non-believers. Add nukes to the mix and it could get very ugly.

  16. The formidable Pakistani intelligence harbors many elements that are sympathetic with Islamic militants. The possibility of collaboration between both should not be ruled out, particularly that the attack was well-coordinated and executed (i.e. not the work of amateurs).
    River Nael

  17. I guess Bush is kind of happy today :

    Puppet number 1 (Zia) executed Bhutto´s father

    Puppet number 2 (Musharraf) killed Bhutto.

  18. she had problems but then only G-D is perfect she could have brought Pakistan into the 21th century.


  19. ANTOINE al quada (shit be upon them) said they did it already.

  20. John Cunningham says:

    cfw, might want to check out

    I wonder if we should equate the residents of imperialist Waziristan to the imperialists of Japan

  21. Sad but strange and totally expected.

    This is like a domino effect on the map. Country by country this region is being destabilized. I wonder which plot of the land the dominos will stop at? India? China? The Russian Bear?

    Pakistan is starting to look like Lebanon or Iraq or Afghanistan…sigh…

  22. “I wonder which plot of the land the dominos will stop at? India? China? The Russian Bear?”

    It may scratch China, the US, India and Russia, but the misery and bodycount will be in muslim countries. This is a muslim conflict that they will not accept as their own and it will haunt them for decades and possibly change the religion in a major way.

  23. The problem is that it is a muslim conflict and they refuse to accept responsibility for it. This is globalized world and if many people think the responsibility for the conflicts is not theirs the “scratches” in other parts of the world could be very deep indeed.

  24. john — thanks for pointing me to the link. i’m really, REALLY glad to see someone is publishing this stuff, it’s precisely what i was alluding to (in particular, the 70 clifton incident, but even without that this ‘canonization’ is absurd).

  25. 17. mikek:

    “Sounds like something an American Asset would say.”

    And how on earth, pray tell, did you come to this conclusion?!?!

  26. Roman Kalik says:

    Adam B., I think you didn’t get the joke there.

  27. For centuries this part of the world has been directed by various forms of Islamic fundamentalism. The idea that Western nations can have a bearing on events is laughable. Mr Bush’s trite words of sympathy will have no audience. Despite the world being a smaller place today, we have no interest in these far flung places of which we know little. Forget Afghanistan and the whole region and leave them to it.

  28. “I don’t see any one gaining from this tragedy.”

    Al Qaeda and the Taleban will gain considerably. They were faced with the prospect of a Prime Minister who was going to lead a strong attack on them. Also she was a westernised woman – anathema to those people.

    “we have no interest in these far flung places of which we know little. Forget Afghanistan and the whole region and leave them to it.”

    We can’t do that in Britain. We have about a million citizens who have close relatives in Pakistan, and often go “home” to visit them. The ties are close. What happens in Pakistan directly affects Britain.

    There are also many people in the US with ties to the Middle East and South Asia.

    Thse who know little need to start learning.

  29. John, I was wondering why her young brother died, knowing that this “lady” wasn’t quite “white”, well anyway Pakistan is a dangerous place, we learnt it a few years ago : 10 of our expat workers were killed there

  30. Bush, Musharraf, Al-Qaeda are having a field day today…
    Bhutto’s death is beneficial for all them three..I’m sure the Pakistani government had something to do with this, And if it wasn’t them who actually killed her, they must’ve known about this attack and let it happen.

  31. Al Queda takes responsibility. That is funny considering it has now been reported that she fractured her skull on the sunroof’s lever and died. I’m not sure if anyone is buying that, but it is worth a shot…no pun intended.

  32. “Bush, Musharraf, Al-Qaeda are having a field day today…
    Bhutto’s death is beneficial for all them three..I’m sure the Pakistani government had something to do with this, And if it wasn’t them who actually killed her, they must’ve known about this attack and let it happen”

    You finally figured it all out. Bush knew!!! CIA!!!

  33. Bush, Musharraf, Al-Qaeda are having a field day today…
    Bhutto’s death is beneficial for all them three..I’m sure the Pakistani government had something to do with this, And if it wasn’t them who actually killed her, they must’ve known about this attack and let it happen

    Hey, you forgot about JOOZ and the dreaded Mossad. It is true that they, in cahoots with CIA/Bush, have been behind 9/11, and it is true that they all are behind the event in Pakistan…………… as true as the fact that 2+2 = 5.

  34. Pakistan will continue to be ruled by either autocratic despotism or religious totalitarianism, or a combination of both. When a genuine chance of a democratic alternative is proposed, it’s labeled pro-US and eradicated before it has a chance to come to fruition.

    In a country where ‘modernity’ is disappearing over the horizon, while they continue to build thousands of madrasas and promote illiteracy, will idealistic democratic principles, such as individual freedoms and freedom of thought, be embraced by the majority of Pakistanis over the reality that is Pakistan 2008? Tribalism in large parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan, have been subdued, relatively successfully, by 7th century Islam and more recently autocratically.
    ‘Give me 40 years of despotism over 1 day of anarchy’?

    Bhutto must be admired for her courage and political idealism, she will no doubt become a ‘western martyr’ for pushing a democratic model in Islamic Asia.

  35. @mikek

    I didnt say bush knew, you might want to read again what I typed carefully this time.

    I will not dignify you’re 12yr old comment, with a response.

  36. I read it carefully and it is still nonsense. How is Bush having a field day? Other than the fact that the state department encouraged Bhutto to return to Pakistan, what does this have to do with Bush or the US?

  37. All i have to do is walk 6 blocks east and i am in ‘little deli’ a few more blocks and i am in ‘new pakistan’ including a few women in burkas and many more in vails. I would not besuprised when the fighting come here in Chicago.

    why do they have to bring the 7th century to my part of Chicago i don’t go to there hell holes.

  38. who will the bush haters hate after 08? for sure it will not be enimies of america.

  39. ratedrsuperstar says:

    yochanan said: why do they have to bring the 7th century to my part of Chicago i don’t go to there hell holes.

    simple yochanan…its all about creating the worldwide caliphate…every inch of the world must submit to allah…koran 101

    islam is…as islam does

  40. According to the news here, Al Qaeda denied killing Bhutto. Check this site for more info on that :

    Oh and Bhutto did not have any bullet wounds according to some official in Pakistan, She died when she ducked to dodge the bullets and her head hit the car. So technically if they catch whoever is behind this, the charge would be ‘attempted murder’, no? More info on that here : and here :,23599,22983849-2,00.html

    But again..Bhutto’s aide claims to have seen bullet wounds on bhutto’s head according to THIS news article :,25197,22985548-12377,00.html

    I have just one question. WHAT the hell ACTUALLY happened?!

  41. Bush did it.

    So Musharraf stays in charge….

  42. Roman Kalik says:

    Richie, that’s a tribal spokesman of the Taliban in northern Pakistan, not an Al-Qaeda spokesman. Pakistan’s government is pointing the finger at him as the man who did it, and he’s pointing the finger right back at them.

    Whereas Al-Qaeda’s announcement came from the organization proper, not the Taliban tribal leaders.

  43. Truth Teller 1 says:

    Condoleezza Rice would not allow Benazir to have private US or British bodyguards (from Blackwater for example), despite Benazir´s many requests. Benazir knew the security forces in Pakistan were completely penetrated by extremists . The ISI´s former leader Hamid Ghul , worked with Bin Laden and the Taliban, he loves Al Qaueda, he is one of the people BB named as a likely organizer of her murder, in a letter she wrote before she was assasinated. She was desperately trying to get non Pakistani security for her election campaign, but was stymied by US State Dept officials who would not help her, despite repeated requests. She knew the internal security in Pakistan was a joke. The US provides private bodyguards to the President of Afghanistan, but Musharraff refused to allow Benazir Bhutto to have her own American or British security detail. Obviously the US State Department(Condoleezza and Richard Boucher) could have pushed Musharraf on this point and demanded that BB be allowed security from the US or the UK, but the US State Department, meaning, Condoleeza, and her mercenary forked tongue aide Richard Boucher, went along with Musharaff´s wishes. One can presume this was with Saudi connivance. Condi and Richard Boucher (he heads the South Asia desk at the State Dept) had to realize this would be a death sentence for Benazir.

    This is similar to King David of ancient Israel, sending out Uriah the Hittite and then withdrawing the Israelite guard around him, so that Uriah would be slain by the enemy forces.

    Blackwater (the security firm) had the offer to guard Benazir but they refused it because they were ORDERED by the State Department NOT to take this job.

    The Saudis , the creators and financiers for global terror, did not want to see Benazir win. Everyone knows why. Benazier spoke out against the Arabs, meaning the Saudis, who were taking over Pakistani terrirtory. She stated that if she won her first job would be to expel them.

    If you look at the videos of the assasination it is obvious BB had practically no security, and that the assasins knew this and how easy it would be to approach her car. They knew how and when to strike.

    Think about this. Condoleezza and the State Department, are following a different agenda from President Bush. The State Department has had a pro Saudi agenda for years.

    Even if there was no satanic plan to murder BB by the US State Department, these officials are guilty of hopeless incompetence and stupidity. That should be reason enough for them to be fired. Richard Boucher is a career liar, and Condi is the person who stated that AQ Khan was “out of business” and “had been punished enough by being humiliated.” Condi is not up to this job, she should resign effective immeditiately.

  44. khawar kamali says:

    be nazeer is a great leader n breave wamon of pakistan.she is a best aouther n speekar.she wants made origenal democracey in pakistan.

  45. not a DHIMMI I AM A PROUD JEW!

  46. AJEET.K.SAVITA says:

    this is a very henious crime.

  47. zahir muhammad khan says:

    muhtarma hamari 1 azeem ledar te un ye qurbani hum zaya hone nahi denge hum hamesha apne qaied ke mesun ko jari rake ge nara buhtto jeye buhtto zahir khan uc 3 keamari twon ppp