Protect Sexworkers from Violence Day

Yes, it's a real thing, and it was 10 days ago and its the 5th it is celebrated (is that the right word?) in Toronto. The Sexworkers rights activist behind it are accusing the Police for not caring about dead prostitutes and are blaming GTA-yes, the videogame- for encouraging the subculture of robbing and calling them. Ok, their right, and while I am against the egotistical notion of naming a day after one's cause, I don't think Prostitutes should be hurt or killed, so bully for them. I just have one question from this article, and it concerns one quote:

According to Kuzyk, a semi-retired sex worker who has been championing
the rights of prostitutes for years, there is a stigma of sex workers
in society that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to change the
way violence against sex workers is handled.

Ok, how can you be a semi-retired sex worker exactly? What the hell does that mean? You are retired 5 days a week or something, but you are open for business on the weekend? Does anybody know?


  1. You know, dont believe anything the Sun writes!! Most horrible paper ever.

  2. John Cunningham says:

    I don’t want to sound cold but having had a lot of prostitutes in the cab over 18 years and hearing them talk you get the impression that their whole life is geared toward running a scam on their clients. Getting their hooks into them, hence the expression, “she’s a hooker”. Kind of like the gold digger from hell. It’s a job not unlike that of a drug dealer or a loan shark. A job that exploits people’s weaknesses. If there are other murders in the city, like convenience store workers, I can understand police not putting the murders of prostitutes on the front burner. A prostitute, drug dealer or loan shark knowingly put themselves into a situatation where they’re more likely to run into unstable people. Convenience store workers don’t and probably make far less than prostitutes, drug dealers and loan sharks.

  3. “Ok, how can you be a semi-retired sex worker exactly? What the hell does that mean? You are retired 5 days a week or something, but you are open for business on the weekend? Does anybody know?”

    I think you are on the right track. It is probably when you work less than 40 hours a week, entitled only for very short vacation and being able to draw some of your 400K benefits because you are older than 59 1/2.

  4. Maybe semi-retired means she only gives head. That’s not real sex after all, just a little mouth hug. :-)

  5. semi-retired, meens : the prostitute is getting somehow less attractive because of his/her age and have gained some spared money so they go out for hunting just to get not bored :lol:

  6. Only in Toronto the liberal capital of the world and the centre of the universe would this warrant an article in a newspaper..doncha know…

    Semi-retired…yeah maybe it means she only does oral or rear entry or maybe it means she’s the boss lady at the local massage parlour…

    Could be she’s a grandma and has 2 babysit her grandkids so she can only fit in clients on the weekend..who the fuck knows…it’s nuts really…

    The BC pig farmer probably accounts for half of those murdered sex worker statistics…he only killed prostitutes…so i don’t know how indicative their stats are of their “situation”…

    Go back school and get a decent job or apply at Walmart…better benefits…

  7. GTA stands for Greater Toronto Area you retarded monkey….
    And I can’t agree more with memz, The Sun is a horrible paper, I should know, I used to work there!

  8. I agree with Joan. In the context of prostitutes, semi-retired means the two lower orifices are no longer open for business. :-)

  9. John Cunningham says:

    Anonymous, in regard to this story it means Grand Theft Auto. Without going back over the whole article I think it was the dead girl’s mother that said it.

  10. No no no… Stupid people! Semi-retired means she isn’t taking any new clients… oh wait… I’ve said too much! Crap!