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Where is the snow?

This is not fair. It's freezing here yet there is snow. Where is the freaking snow?

I suggest that we egyptians plan a trip to Lebanon or Jordan, because if we are gonna freeze our butts off, we might as well have some snow to play in! 

Your Mental Health break

This was sent to me by the person who took it, in the Faculty of Pharmacy in Alexandria. The sender asked me that question:

Question : if this is the attitude of workers who work inside
a university with literally thouthands of students passing every hour ,
what happens in real-life streets?

Hey man, cleanliness is next to godliness! 

The Rafah crisis

Things are not going well for the egyptians living there.

Hammad and many other residents of Egyptian towns along the Gaza border
are increasingly disgruntled, not only with the Gazans and their Hamas rulers but with their own government. They are warning that chaos is brewing and demanding the crisis be resolved quickly.


On the Egyptian side of Rafah, a town that the border had divided,
many gas stations have run out of fuel and grocery stores are short on

Hammad, 26, said he restocked his store twice this week but ran out of items to sell Tuesday.

"They are buying everything," he said of the Palestinians. "God
forbid, they will also buy the air and we will not be able to breathe."

Gazans spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the past week,
cleaning out the stores in Egyptian Rafah and the nearby town of El-Arish.

They scooped up just about anything they could get their hands on —
diesel fuel, cement, cigarettes, washing powder, electrical appliances,
car batteries, medicines and even exotic birds for pets.

The Egyptians were eager at first to make a buck from the Palestinians but now they want the crisis wrapped up.

Some Egyptians complained the Palestinians drove prices up sharply
and bought their goods, at times turning around and reselling them down
the street at much higher prices.

Others even claimed they had been robbed.

Standing in the middle of a Rafah street in mud-covered sandals,
wood collector Khamis Abou-Fares complained to anyone who would listen.

"After blinking for a second, I could no longer see my pile of
wood," he said. The Palestinians "destroyed our town and now they are
stealing from us. Is this the way to return a favor?"

Nooreldin el-Goneus, 25, said some Palestinians offered to buy the
sheep he was selling to get cash for his upcoming wedding. But he
declined because their offer wasn't good enough. Half an hour later,
his flock was gone from outside his home and he says his brother saw
some Palestinians load his sheep onto their truck.

"We took you (Palestinians) in and gave you everything we had, and now you are slapping us with those thefts," he lamented.

I will start a campaign to send humanitarian relief to our Sinai brothers under siege between Hamas and the Egyptian government. Support the Brave Sinai people in their hour of need against the palestinian occupation. 😛

Gazans want to stay in Egypt

They would never want to get into Egypt, they said. They would never give up staying in their land, they said. Every single last one of them would go back, they said. Right..

Eissa Sweillem entered Egypt
through the breached Gaza border — but not just to shop at stores. The
27-year-old unemployed Gaza man hopes to buy a fake Egyptian
identification card so he can get through security checkpoints and
across the desert to Cairo.

Egyptian officials say they have worked hard to keep Palestinians
bottled up near the border since hundreds of thousands poured across
after last week's breach. They are continuously stopped at checkpoints,
and most make it no farther than the first two towns: the divided city
of Rafah immediately at the border and El-Arish, about 40 miles away.

But some Palestinians, and perhaps also some weapons from Gaza, have made to other parts of Egypt, including Cairo.

Weapons? But they are only there to smell the sweet air of freedom. Why would they have weapons?


One state paper, Al-Ahram daily, quoted unnamed officials Wednesday as
saying Egyptian security forces had rounded up several armed
Palestinians across Egypt, foiling a number of terror attacks including
some planned against Israel.


Most Palestinians trying to get farther into Egypt insist they are
merely seeking work, or even just fun — any escape from Gaza. The
territory has been largely cut off from the outside world since Israel
and Egypt closed their borders following Hamas' violent takeover in June.

Sweillem and some friends, staying at the house of an Egyptian
Bedouin friend, want fake IDs so they can get to Cairo to find jobs. He
and his friend Abu Malek said they once worked as laborers in Israel
but have not been employed since Gaza's blockade.

Each was offering $50 for an ID card. But so far, their Bedouin
friend, haggling over the phone late at night, had found only one with
a picture that looked similar to another of Sweillem's friends.

There is one of them though, that I do sympathize with:

His cousin, a 22-year-old Gaza high school dropout who gave only his
first name, Muwaffaq, said the young men wanted to watch belly dancers
in Cairo night clubs and taste alcohol for the first time. Liquor is
not allowed in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

"I will not give up. I will keep on trying until I do it," Muwaffaq said.

Imagine. No Alcohol. The Horror! 

Blacks are not our brothers

Well, when they try to cross our borders, unlike when palestinians do it, we shoot and kill them. Apparently we are ok with shooting people who are breaching our borders, but only if they are black. That doesn't make us racist, because, well, like, ok, so we are racist. Who cares? They are black, people. I mean, Somalia is now facing the world's greatest humanitarian crisis (yes, more than Gaza. Imagine!!) according to the UN, but does anybody care? Hell no. Do you see anyone collecting money for them? Or doing anything to alleviate their suffering? Aren't they our muslim brothers too? Oh, right, I forgot. They are black. Plus, the people causing their crisis are not Jews. We don't care unless the crisis is somehow related to Jews or americans. I can't even imagine the trouble we would be in with world-opinion if we had shot and killed a palestinian on our borders, but Blacks are ok. Fantastic!

Internet Down Across Middle East

I received a phone call from The Sandmonkey a few minutes ago and he asked me to post this update for him.

There are confirmed internet outages throughout Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.  According to the local ISPs there, this problem occurred as a result of the main fiber optic cable, running underwater into the area, being cut-off.  This seemingly leaves all three countries (and possible others) without internet access until the problem is resolved. 

The Sandmonkey asked me to relay this message and let you all know he will post as soon as he can gain internet access.

Thanks for your patience.

–Joan, the blogwife

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