Sexism 101

Just go here. And don't you dare laugh. The Women are watching you!


  1. uh, the Taylor’s invention , wasn’t it to allow the male circumcision in the puritan society ? as the males were getting lesser interested in sex “gaudrioles” but in making money, they had to provide a compensation to the females

    : lol:

  2. Forgive me, I just HAD to laugh (to myself at least).

  3. christina/ohio says:

    “Why Women Hate Sex” is the first articl listed?….UHMMMM maybe because [b]YOU[/b] are bad at it? :)

  4. That “Men are Better than Women” site is just rank nonsense. It’s so silly it’s not even funny. Now, the link I’ve inserted just below goes to a site that makes a lot of sense:

  5. Such horrendous nons…hahahahaha. I mean how immature can some people.. hahahaha. It’s harmless. I find it funny. Guess what gender I am without lifting me up and looking under. Thanks for the link SMonki!