Bush Sword-Dancing with the Bahraini King



  1. Barheim, Dubai, Kowet… all spoiled principauties,
    that will end like maharajahs in the next decades,
    pity that the oil doesn’t regenerate itself :twisted:

  2. anonymous says:

    Not much of a dance..he’s spent 2 much time riding horses…he looks p. stiff

    Didn’t senior do a tour of the gulf and collect cheques after the last Gulf war?

  3. Well obviously Gee Dubya doesn’t look comfortable holding sharp pointy things. The ol’ boy is used to pearl handled revolvers.

  4. He will be hosted by the king of saudi in the desert playground.

  5. “The ol’ boy is used to pearl handled revolvers.”

    I think you’re mistaking George W Bush for General George Smith Patton Jr. who was very comfortable with his pearl handled revolvers.

  6. I beg to differ. His (Dubya’s) wit is sharper than any sword. Even a ninja’s. He can dance through speeches and arguments like any ronin slowly performing sepuku or just nimbly flit from sentence to sentence like a very spry butterfly. Do not Missunderestimate him!