Seen in Egypt

He really heats you! 


  1. Yeah?? Well it was 1 degree (including wind chill factor) here in Tel Aviv overnight, so he’s doing a pretty piss-poor job of it …

  2. Oh, so cute. He wanted to say “I HEART Israel” and instead said ‘heat’.

    Silly English.

  3. anonymous says:

    i do too

  4. Actually kinda accurate, since Egypt supplies gas to the Israeli Electricity Company.

  5. Maybe he means making war the way Big Pharaoh suggested. “I want to fight the Israelis, I want to fight the Israelis, but I want to do it my way!” followed by lots of pictures of Israeli hotties.

  6. brooklynjon says:

    See, that’s why there’s Global Warming. There’s just too much heat in the world.

  7. I can’t believe how big the banner is on the windsheild :)

  8. Elie,

    Good one :) I never thought of it that way. But I’m sure the owner of the car doesn’t intend it that way either.


    Is that a picture of your mom’s car; maybe one of your aunt’s cars?

  9. Another way of saying I want to F… Israel

  10. Elie said exactly what I was thinking. I heart Israel too. Sandman, you should have marked in a little “r” for the poor sap.

  11. christina/ohio says:

    Sounds like Egypt needs more proof readers for English? LOL

  12. At first, I thought that the car owner wanted to say “I heart Israel” but left out the “r.” Now I realize that there’s a far more realistic explanation. The owner probably meant to say “I hate Israel,” but inverted the “a” and the “e.” After all, what Egyptian would love Israel? And even if some Egyptian did for whatever reason, he or she wouldn’t be crazy enough to put a sign on his car announcing the fact.

    Or, another explanation: Does this car have yellow Israeli license plates?

  13. Roman Kalik says:

    Yes, that was likely meant to be “hate”, only badly mangled. All the more reason to add that ‘R’ and make the owner a little angry.

  14. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Wow! I hope somebody tells him he’s an ass! Add the R. There is a little monster in me that sees cars driving around with Kerry bumper stickers on their cars still (been nearly 4 years people, move on!) and I want to put a big W sticker and a yellow ribbon on their cars and see how long it takes for them to notice. I also would like to add Kucinich stickers for the ones who have Bush stickers.

  15. Oh Roman did you figure out that by yourself WOW LOL of course it meant I hate Israel but it is spelling mistake.

  16. arabist, that’s actually quite funny. oh my, arabist has just said sthg funny without projecting his usual crud……deep breaths…deep breaths

  17. Perhaps he’s a frustrated furnace repairman………….



  18. I see two mistakes made.

    First, missing ‘r’.
    Second, it was not suppose to be spelled out. It was meant to be picture instead of word ‘heart’.

  19. It seems Egyptians are sooo similar to Iranians – both need to use spell checker more frequently.
    At least that was a “private” mistake. In an article from FARS, an Iranian news agency, one sentence went like that “The No. 10 T-shit of Argentina’s national Football team was delivered……” The “T-shit” in question was supposed to be a “T-shirt”

  20. Ella ( :
    T-shirt is correct, but the readers of the article would not have enjoyed the news as much without the missing “r”?

    Why would they heat Israel? Maybe because they lost the war? But that makes no sense. Or could it be because the hotter Israel gets the easier their transition to hell is? Would that even be possible? Damn, I need more ice. Or I’ll just wing it and not visit it during the summer. What car is that? Lada, Skoda, Renault?

    I like your blog. Check out ( : Life is good indeed when there are cultural misunderstandings.

  21. to the ‘i heat israel’ crowd

    kos om inshallah