Speechlessly impressed

Watch as those 3 graphic designers recreate D-Day using nothing for Budget. I am speechless. I am also officially unimpressed with every Graphic designer I know now. Bunch of Know-Nothing hacks.


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  2. wow, that was amazing!!!! it blew me away. Thanks for making me feel worthless :) hehe

  3. John Cunningham says:

    My only concern is what did they mean by that.

    By the way, hope you’re feeling better.

  4. Well, Hammond he’s not telling the truth, or rather not the whole truth :-) (or I missed something) Filming took 4 days, that’s feasible. However compositing, 3D work, and doing all the layering and tracking must have took weeks. I’m not a pro in video compositing, but I do video from time to time and know the basic video FX technologies. It is VERY time-consuming to do something like this, although the technology not really complicated now.