The NDP's moral compass

Yes. Good on the NDP for not tolerating having murderers in their midst. Oh..wait

Egypt's parliament has voted to expel a ruling National Democratic
Party member from the assembly weeks after a court sentenced him to
death for murder, the state's MENA news agency said on Monday.

An Alexandria court found Abdel-Azim Hamzawy, currently on the run,
guilty of murdering a man who threatened to blow the whistle on
Hamzawy's possession of a forged deed to a house in a Cairo suburb,
newspapers said at the time of the verdict.

The court sentenced Hamzawy to death in absentia in December, MENA added.

As grounds for the expulsion, the assembly cited Hamzawy's "grave
violation of the responsibilities of membership (of parliament)" by
failing to attend parliament meetings since May 9, which is considered
"serious neglect of the interests, rights and will of the voters".

So him getting convicted for murder isn't the reason for his expulsion, but his tardiness is? So killing someone isn't a grave violation of the responsibilities of membership in parliament?

The head reels!

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  1. Osiris Kane
    January 15, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    Well, believe it or not, they are trying to find an excuse to get him out of Parliament, cause you see according to the Egyptian Constitution, you can’t get removed from Parliament for being initially convicted in absentia for a crime as grave as murder. Parliament would have to wait until it is a final and unappealable judgement in order to revoke membership on the grounds of being convicted of a crime contrary to honor and honesty. So instead of waiting until he appeals and wait a good 3 years for due process to take place, they decide to cut a very long story short and kick em out for absenteeism.

    Dude, don’t be so harsh…they aint all that bad…hehehe

  2. satiricohen
    January 15, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    Murder is not such a bad resume for politicians in most countries these days.
    In fact, that probably qualifies him to be a minister in several neighboring governments. (hint hint).


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