Seen in Egypt- Honesty

It's a place for you to send your "Beast"  for the summer.

Hey, at least they are honest! 


  1. Why are these signs that are in Egypt, in English? Is this vestiges of British rule?

  2. Naah, its just hip to be all communicating in the languages of za foreign peoples.

  3. I like “Loony Tun(e)s” as well. “Loony Tunes” entered American slang some time ago, as a way to describe somebody who is completely crazy :O

  4. I guess this is the pattern of civilisation we all learn from one another I mean how many english speakers heard their grand parents talk about the ottoman or your school teacher talk about ALgorithms. These are all Arabic just like arabs talk about loony toons or tuns or tunes this is the beauty of civilisation we all learn from one another and teach each other if only we do such things more peacefully

  5. brooklynjon says:

    And I thought “Algorithms” was the name of Al Gore’s band!