Internet Down Across Middle East

I received a phone call from The Sandmonkey a few minutes ago and he asked me to post this update for him.

There are confirmed internet outages throughout Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.  According to the local ISPs there, this problem occurred as a result of the main fiber optic cable, running underwater into the area, being cut-off.  This seemingly leaves all three countries (and possible others) without internet access until the problem is resolved. 

The Sandmonkey asked me to relay this message and let you all know he will post as soon as he can gain internet access.

Thanks for your patience.

–Joan, the blogwife


  1. Sabotage? Interesting!

  2. I think Huckabee asked God to cut off Sandmonkey’s internet access.

  3. ++

    some interesting reading material while we’re waiting..

    The U.N. need only take five simple steps.


  4. It is the Palestinian invasion of the world :)

  5. underwater kassam rocket

  6. Ha, Twos, you wish!!! LOL

  7. Well, there are at least 2000 liters of toxic gas unaccounted for in circulation somewhere around Iraq, but I seriouly doubt that you’d find them in Jordan…

    Too small and controlled. Too intent on stomping out terrorists within their borders.

  8. Well, there are at least 2000 liters of toxic gas unaccounted for in circulation somewhere around Iraq, but I seriouly doubt that you’d find them in Jordan…

    I doubt anybody knows what happened to the remnants of Saddam’s WMD programs, including Saddam himself. If there were any Baathists still alive who could have gotten their hands on chemical weapons, the insurgents would have already been using them in Iraq.

  9. Craig @ 3,

    On the contrary.

    This is effect cause by Iraqi WMD hidden in Jordan.

  10. Tedders,

    This is why they were buying receivers :) the conspiracy theory of the sandmonkey :)


    Could you imagine if this happened in the States…

  12. Two things that can’t go down in the US trucks and internet :)

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    #11.. EgyPeter Says:

    [Could you imagine if this happened in the States…]

    fortunately it hasn’t happened..

    not for their lack of trying..

    unfortunately, it can still happen..

    if a Dem should be elected in 08..

    the chance of a communications collapse tips in their favor..

    as i highly doubt the outage was an “accident”..

    albeit i’m certain that will be the claim regardless..


  14. I miss the blog, Joan…are you making use of your writing talents in another format that can be referred to here? Hope all is well with you and yours.


  15. Thanks, Bob. I miss it, too. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, but nothing I can really talk about here. Shoot me an email if you want and I’ll tell you more. :-)

  16. I have it on good authority that the reason the cable went down is because the cloverfield monster is down there running amuck. Either that or Hillary Clinton is gnawing on those cables. Did you know that her carapace can withstand water pressure at depths of up to 4000 meters? The cloverfield monster can only go down to 2500 meters.

  17. I got three e-mails from Egypt today without a problem. Also two face book friends were online. Strange

  18. LOL @ iraq WMD movement, i mean whats the plan , hmm imagine bush sitting on table guessing where WMD can be , from iraq they escaped to jordan :P lets attack jordan , years later ohh no it was in Iran and they used it as nuclear enerby hence this energy is from WMD its wrong STOP it lol, once thats over he might say our reports says iran had only 50% of WMD and we have success 50% .. now we will search for other 50% … bush makes buzzing sound while looking at map of middle east , pins on another country and say that where i think it is

  19. Siddharth says:

    Check this Out!

    Detailed maps of the world’s submarine cables….
    So theoretically, if Osama wants to start another war, all he’s gotta do is rip the cables first…. and that will be the end of civilization.

  20. Has anyone blamed us Jews yet?

  21. damn it dr.. i was scrolling down this post with it rolling off my tongue.. so ill frikkin say it anyway..

    “its ze joooz”