Where is the snow?

This is not fair. It's freezing here yet there is snow. Where is the freaking snow?

I suggest that we egyptians plan a trip to Lebanon or Jordan, because if we are gonna freeze our butts off, we might as well have some snow to play in! 


  1. You can also come to Jerusalem…

  2. Its probably too cold to snow, or too dry, or both. Try Taif – they had snow there two weeks ago…

  3. Why don’t you go to Gaza and enjoy the darkness and the very cold weather there? you might be able to make extra cash there since you believe that people there are so rich.

  4. Here is the exact location in Gaza you will get the best playground Sandmonkey. This is the rich playground exactly like Colorado nothing different.

    Courtsey of the rich Palestinians


  5. It’s minus 20 celsius where I am in canada. Here’s what I wrote about my gov.t punishing a private citizen for, basically, not complying with sharia law.
    http://www.darrellepp.com/?p=85 and here’s my review of america alone by mark steyn

  6. I guess I know why the force isn’t sending any to Egypt *EVIL GRIN*

  7. Snow is overrated – it is -40 C in my neck of the woods…..at least the grizzlies are napping…..I always look on the bright side….too cold to do anything else.

  8. more snow in jerusalem right now than in chicago

    can you make this stuff up

  9. brooklynjon says:

    Must be global warming.

  10. It has been freaking cold here (Tel Aviv) as well. I don’t want snow; I want my warm, Tel Aviv weather back. I do not do cold. If I wanted cold, I would move back to Jerusalem. Sheesh!

    Stupid weather. :(

    Great posts, btw!


  11. Seriously, I’m beginning to question the urgency/autheniticity of “global warming.” It’s freezing in Egypt, snowing in the Middle East, and here in Los Angeles we just came off a few weeks of really cold temperatures and lots of rain.

  12. Roman Kalik says:

    Well, Patrick, maybe the esteemed scientific community will flip back to the “global cooling” theory that everyone was scared of before. I’ll certainly be amused if they do, as it would go a long way in proving some of my own theories.

  13. brooklynjon says:

    I’d say I’m around 95% certain that anthropogenic global warming (y’know the theory they used to call the greenhouse effect until they found out how greenhouses work) is a crock. I’m sure we’re polluting the environment, and I suspect there is some REDISTRIBUTION of heat on the planet (for instance, the North Pole seems to be melting while the South Pole has a record amount of ice), which is probably due to magma flows.

    But I think our ability to actually measure the temperature over time of the planet is not up to the task, and our computer models cannot accurately predict the weather next week, let alone 100 years from now.

    1) Sunspot activity
    2) Magma flows
    3) Faulty temperature measurements (in a number of ways)
    4) Rudimentary computer models
    5) Politically and Financially motivated scientists and journalists

    That’s my call.

    A pity, really, because if Brooklyn were actually to get the climate of, say, Charleston, South Carolina, it wouldn’t be half bad. But it won’t.

  14. “If I wanted cold, I would move back to Jerusalem. Sheesh!”
    You mean Russia

  15. well today we got a foot of snow in chicago 1/3 of a meter for those who use that measurement

  16. Global warming? Well! Where I live in Switzerland (not in the mountains), no snow this winter so far and this afternoon, temperatures well above zero (12°C).

  17. “You mean Russia”

    Nope–I mean Jerusalem. I have never lived in (or been to) Russia. Have lived in Jerusalem. Which was too freaking cold.

    My understanding is that Russia has the winters from hell. That and the fact that the national foods seem to be borsht and vodka–all the more reason to not to visit.

    Supposed to be nicer tomorrow-yay!!!!

  18. I shoveled snow yesterday and the day before like I have never shoveled in my life. Well at least I revved my metabolism. :)
    My only regret is that I am not in the Caribbean right now or in Thailand.

  19. Florida. 76F today. We have are pluses and our minuses.

  20. brooklynjon says:
  21. BJ
    I have already seen that video somewhere else :cool:

    here what our scientists think about the “global warming”
    lobby :


  22. Snow in Jordan is great until a moment comes when you really have to leave the house to do some international exam or take your mother to the hospital or have a plane to catch then you’d wish it never snowed and never will

  23. You want snow. I’ll give you snow. It comes with a wind chill factor equivalent to -50 C. Seriously, that is what I woke up to earlier this week. Fifty fucking degrees below zero!!! Damn it, Sandmonkey. Give me some of your sand and I’ll give you all the snow you want.

  24. Guess what the coldest national capital if.
    It is Ulan Bator in Mo ngolia.
    Carw to hazard a guess on the second coldest?
    I’ll give you a hint. It aint Moscow.
    It’s Ottawa Canada. I just shoveled 30cm+ out of the driveway. And when that was done, the snowplow came by and filled in the foot of the driveway with a pile over a meter high and two wide.
    So everybody out there, quite your whining of we’ll beat you with hockey sticks.

  25. Hey Louise … I was going to claim “most frozen status” but we are tied. It’s -50C windchill here with lots of snow. My fingers freeze IN the car. Brrrrrrr.

    -20C is going to feel like a heat wave.

  26. Another proof that Global Warming is nothing but a scam.

  27. brooklynjon says:


    If you think it gets brutal here, you should see the beating I get elsewhere for my evidently radical views of global warming. It’s funny, actually, how the same people who refuse to believe that airplanes brought down the twin towers also accept uncritically the pronouncements of government funded scientists. And the sun, which is allegedly powerful enough to replace fossil fuels, is somehow impotent when it comes to influencing our climate. Bizarre!

    P.S. Thanks for the link. I knew I always loved you Frenchies! ;-)

  28. hehe, you may not go to the “right” place ; where I go, I am in use to be the one that get “beat”, because I am supposed to be a lefty french ; anyway, I am also the one who doesn’t “surrender ” either ; so sometime it’s very lively :lol:

  29. OT and old, but a bad omen not to be missed:
    Afghanistan Approves Death Sentence For Journalist Accused Of Insulting Islam
    The insult?
    “The article asked why men can have four wives but women can’t have multiple husbands.”
    Just for posing the question?

  30. No, not exactly.
    Story behind the story:
    (and sorry if you all knew this already, was catching up after 2 days off line and off the news).

  31. I ditto #24.

    And the answer to your post’s title – Chicago.

  32. Canada, silly. :P

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