Your Mental Health break

This was sent to me by the person who took it, in the Faculty of Pharmacy in Alexandria. The sender asked me that question:

Question : if this is the attitude of workers who work inside
a university with literally thouthands of students passing every hour ,
what happens in real-life streets?

Hey man, cleanliness is next to godliness! 


  1. Nice. What happens if someone gets hit by it? Can they sue the company?

  2. What about the cars that aren’t stopping at the stop sign? Nobody noticed that?

  3. Ana Tafengi says:

    Don’t worry about anyone getting hurt Suzzane. Egyptians fuck like rabbits. The average family has 10 kids, and there are JUST TOO many Egyptians around. A few dead will go a long way in relieving the human congestion in that country. And yeah…why do you fucking Egyptians also eat so much?

  4. anonymous says:

    #3 lotta anger there…

    gotta say SM has ur friend ever taken the train 2 Cairo from Alex..or really anywhere in Egypt..the tracks r covered in garbage..heck i saw a pair of jeans laying across the opposite tracks..the litter that is everywhere is just out of control…Al nadafa min al Islam…wish they actually practiced that 1

  5. anonymous says:

    #3…maybe Egyptians eat so much so that they have energy 2 keep fucking? at least they r gettin’ some…lol

    just a thought…plus they walk everywhere…u need fuel 2 do all that walking and fucking huh…do the math bud…

  6. Let’s just say that this kind of think wouldn’t be happening in the states, be happy that we have the liberties that we do.