How could Dems be so stupid?

War is Peace, Slavery is freedom, Hillary Clinton is Change!

Google takes down Kefaya

The Fantastic people at google seem to have it for the egyptian opposition to the Mubarak regime. It's not bad enough that they had disabled Wael Abbas' youtube account with all the egyptian police human rights abuses and torture videos (only to have it restored again when the outrage became too big), now they have made the website for Kefaya (the egyptian movement for change), which has been around for 3 years and very active, disappear completely off of their search engine. You can't find it anywhere. Gemy alerted me to the story when he tried all possible combinations : Kefaya, Harakmasria, everything, in english and in arabic. Nothing on google. Websites that talk about Kefaya show up but not the actual website or any of its Cache. This is not the case with yahoo for example as you can see for yourself. So the question now is, what kind of a deal did Google make with the egyptian regime to remove this site from its results page? I mean, we were understandable when it came to China, but is Google officially the friend of every tyrannical regime in the world now? Is that what google now is about? 

I don't want to think so, but the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. 

The Quick Mitt Quiz

Take it, unless you are allergic to pandering! There is a lot of it in those answers.

Singing for A.J.

Elijah is right, you can't get this out of your head!

Seen in Egypt- Education


Boy, things have changed since my days. 

Seen in Egypt- Honesty

It's a place for you to send your "Beast"  for the summer.

Hey, at least they are honest! 

Seen in Egypt 4- ASS Trade

ASS for International Trade, anyone? 

And you thought your traffic was bad?

Welcome to Cairo Traffic (this is on a good day)


and Parking situation..


Now, stop whining! 

Mac Fanatics


The Steve Jobs cult always amazes me.. 

LOTR fans are crazy

Now they have the Battle of Pelennor Fields also totally made out of candy!

The Islamists have infiltrated the Egyptian army


Romney won by lying to people

Whatever happened to Mormon values?

A tale of revenge

A composer, an actress, and Facebook!

Battle of Helms deep in candy

Roba has pics.

American WWII Propaganda

Here is a collection, back in the days when the US had purpose!

Speechlessly impressed

Watch as those 3 graphic designers recreate D-Day using nothing for Budget. I am speechless. I am also officially unimpressed with every Graphic designer I know now. Bunch of Know-Nothing hacks.

Seen in Egypt 3- Teen Stuff Magazine Ad


Ehh…no comment! 

The NDP’s moral compass

Yes. Good on the NDP for not tolerating having murderers in their midst. Oh..wait

Egypt's parliament has voted to expel a ruling National Democratic
Party member from the assembly weeks after a court sentenced him to
death for murder, the state's MENA news agency said on Monday.

An Alexandria court found Abdel-Azim Hamzawy, currently on the run,
guilty of murdering a man who threatened to blow the whistle on
Hamzawy's possession of a forged deed to a house in a Cairo suburb,
newspapers said at the time of the verdict.

The court sentenced Hamzawy to death in absentia in December, MENA added.

As grounds for the expulsion, the assembly cited Hamzawy's "grave
violation of the responsibilities of membership (of parliament)" by
failing to attend parliament meetings since May 9, which is considered
"serious neglect of the interests, rights and will of the voters".

So him getting convicted for murder isn't the reason for his expulsion, but his tardiness is? So killing someone isn't a grave violation of the responsibilities of membership in parliament?

The head reels!

Seen in Egypt 2


In a food menu.. Pfizer should sue!

Shadia Ibrahim released

The Christian woman who was arrested for's too stupid for me to explain it. here it is:

CAIRO: A Christian woman who was
sentenced to three years imprisonment for allegedly fraudulently
stating that she is Christian on her marriage certificate, was released
Monday, her lawyer told Daily News Egypt.

Shadia Nagui
Ibrahim, 47, was unaware that legally she was a Muslim as a result of
her father's conversion from Christianity to Islam when she was two
years old.

Ibrahim was initially charged in 2000 with forging her
official identity card in order to state that she was Christian, and
was sentenced to three years in absentia before the case was
subsequently dropped.

She was detained again in August 2007 on
the same charges and the following November, she was handed a
three-year prison sentence after a brief court session, her legal
representative said at the time.

Ibrahim's lawyer Peter El-Naggar
told Daily News Egypt that his client had her conviction suspended
Sunday after the defense proved that the identity card in question
never actually existed.

The Court of Cassation is now due to issue a new verdict, though this will take years.

I am just glad she is released is all.