Seen in Egypt

He really heats you! 



Ladies, double goes to you, cause you have no Idea where he's been either.

Well, they are truely our cousins now

Freedom of speech- after getting defended in Egypt- is getting attacked in Israel. There is a bill in the Israeli Knesset that wants to hold websites accountable for their talkback content (i.e. comments people leave on them). Oh..and :

According to the bill, which was drafted by MK
Israel Hasson (Israel Beiteinu) web sites could be absolved of
liability if they agree to reveal the details of posters.

So we either get persecuted for what other people have to say or we turn into snitch bitches? Fuck that. Ok, if any of the israeli readers I have here see this Israel Hasson, please give him a swift kick in the Butt from me. Me thinks he needs it. All facist idiots do. Or a smack on the head. That could work too.


Where our heads at

I would like to report, that in the Most popular posted Items on the Egypt network page on facebook, 5 out of the 10 items are videos of Lesbian Kisses. Nice..

Hitch on Hillary

Brilliant as usual..

During the Senate debate on the intervention in Iraq, Sen. Clinton made
considerable use of her background and "experience" to argue that, yes,
Saddam Hussein was indeed a threat. She did not argue so much from the
position adopted by the Bush administration as she emphasized the stand
taken, by both her husband and Al Gore, when they were in office, to
the effect that another and final confrontation with the Baathist
regime was more or less inevitable. Now, it does not especially matter
whether you agree or agreed with her about this (as I, for once, do and
did). What does matter is that she has since altered her position and
attempted, with her husband's help, to make people forget that she ever
held it. And this, on a grave matter of national honor and security,
merely to influence her short-term standing in the Iowa caucuses.
Surely that on its own should be sufficient to disqualify her from
consideration? Indifferent to truth, willing to use police-state
tactics and vulgar libels against inconvenient witnesses, hopeless on
health care, and flippant and fast and loose with national security:
The case against Hillary Clinton for president is open-and-shut. Of
course, against all these considerations you might prefer the newly
fashionable and more media-weighty notion that if you don't show her
enough appreciation, and after all she's done for us, she may cry.


Egyptian Diplomacy

Our Foriegn Minister, Mr. Ahmed Abu Al Gheit, just gave Almasry Al Youm newspaper the following statement:

" The US is heading to Oblivion, its foriegn policy is completely dysfunctional, and Bush's visit is completely useless"

And that's our Country's top diplomat. Chapeau, Abu Al Gheit, Chapeau! 

The myth of Hillary’s experience

Timothy Noah breaks it down. 

Damn you Columbus

You Syphilis carrier you..

Oh, Barenboim

This piece of news cracked me up…

The conductor Daniel Barenboim,
already a contentious figure among fellow Israelis for championing
Palestinians' rights and the works of Hitler's favorite composer, has
accepted honorary Palestinian citizenship.

Barenboim was given citizenship a year ago, but the move didn't
become public until this weekend, when a Palestinian lawmaker mentioned
it after Barenboim held a performance in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

The Argentinian-born conductor is the first Israeli to be granted citizenship by the Palestinian Authority. Lawmaker Mustafa Barghouti said he lobbied Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to make Barenboim a citizen.

Barenboim deserved a Palestinian passport, Barghouti said, because
the conductor had shown "solidarity with Palestinians under the most
difficult circumstances."

Ok, I am confused. There are palestinian passports? There is such a thing as a Palestinian citizenship? I thought the best they could do was a palestinian "Travel document". I thought you needed an independent country to issue citizenships and passports and so on and so forth. But what do I know?

Anyway, the news didn't really impress this palestinian blogger:

Where is my citizenship ya ikhwan el sharmoota?
When will I, a second generation Palestine refugee be able to trade in
my Palestine Refugee Travel Document for a snazzy new PA passport?

Fair question, no? I am not sure that the PR value of this outweighs the feeling that some palestinians would have on giving an israeli jew a palestinian passport when they don't have one. Kind of Insensitive, don't you think?

The French Facebook Prank

This is actually quite funny!

Spot on

At First, it was a snarky paragraph in an anti-Obama piece

 But, rhythmically, it's quite alluring. It can make anything, even, for
example, a simple chair, seem magnificent. Why vote for someone who
says: 'See that chair. You can sit on it' when you can have someone
like Obama say: 'This chair can take your weight. This chair can hold
your buttocks, 15 inches in the air. This chair, this wooden chair, can
support the ass of the white man or the crack of the black man, take
the downward pressure of a Jewish girl's behind or the butt of a
Buddhist adolescent, it can provide comfort for Muslim buns or Mormon
backsides, the withered rump of an unemployed man in Nevada struggling
to get his kids through high school and needful of a place to sit and
think, the plump can of a single mum in Florida desperately struggling
to make ends meet but who can no longer face standing, this chair, made
from wood felled from the tallest redwood in Chicago, this chair, if
only we believed in it, could sustain America's huddled arse.'

But someone took it and ran with it in the comments section..

Biden: I have worked with chairs all over the world, and most members of Congress agree with my plan for how to make chairs
Bloomberg: I've put together a committee to survey voters on whether they want me to make their chairs
Clinton: I have the most experience in making chairs
Edwards: I will fight the chairmakers!
Giuliani: I can best protect you from the danger of chairs, just as I did in NYC
Huckabee: Chairs did not evolve, but were created
Kucinich: We should have a one-payer system for chairs
McCain: My friends, I believe we can sit together in our chairs and work out bipartisan solutions without torture
Obama: Together we can create chairs in a new way
Paul: Why is the government involved in making chairs?
Romney: Venture capitalism has made American chairs the greatest in the world
Tancredo: We must build a fence to keep out foreign illegal chairs
Thompson: I like a comfortable, yet presidential looking chair


Doing Cartwheels

Adnan is wearing a cross . This piece of news is not true. Britney is not gonna convert to ISLAM. WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..Thank you Jeebus!

In other news, can AlArabiya stop making up shit? They are starting to look really bad.

Bush Sword-Dancing with the Bahraini King


Britney Spears may convert to Islam

Oh Joy…

U.S. pop star Britney Spears is allegedly so in
love with her new Muslim man she's considering converting to Islam to
marry him, British press reports revealed.

Spears, 26, and paparazzi boss Adnan Ghalib, 35, have been together for
around two-weeks, sparking huge media attention about her questionable
mental health and his real intentions.


couple claim to be very much in love and the troubled star's friends
have reportedly said that she is so in love with him that she plans to
marry him and convert to Islam, the UK's News of The World (NOTW)

And how is his family taking it?

NOTW also revealed that Ghalib's Sunni Muslim family in Birmingham are so horrified by his antics they have disowned him.

One family member told the paper: "His parents are devastated. This
week his dad gave him an ultimatum, ‘Give up Britney, or you are dead
to me,' which Adnan ignored."

Now that is a good father. Leave the stupid impressionable multi million dollar worth star who jumped in your car when her car broke down and then fucked you thus making you her new boyfriend despite being a paparazzi (i.e. a bloodsucking leech) or else you are no longer my son. Yeah, he will listen to that. Altough I have to admit, I am a little jealous: no stupid slutty multimillionare celebrity chick has ever jumped into my car, slept with me and demanded that I become her boyfriend. Not that I find Britney attractive or anything or would sleep with her willingly. It's just that she is an international celebrity, and I would totally do it for Egypt! Cause, you know, I am a patriot. A totally self-less patriot!

Not Welcome

As a sign of the messed up times we live in, the egyptian leftist activist scene is arranging a protest against Bush's visit to Egypt on Monday:

وقفة إحتجاجية بنقابة الصحفيين

تدعو لجنة الحريات بنقابة الصحفيين كل القوى الوطنية و الناشطين لوقفة إحتجاجية
يوم الإثنين 14 يناير 2008 الساعة الخامسة مساءا بنقابة الصحفيين
من الأجل الإحتجاج على زيارة الرئيس الأمريكي جورج بوش لمصر و الإحتجاج على السياسة الأمريكية و الإحتلال الأمريكي للعراق

The committee of freedom at the Syndicate of Journalism call all Egyptians and activists for a protest
Monday 14 January 2008 at 5 PM at the Syndicate of Journalism
to protest against the visit of the American president Bush and to the American occupation of Iraq

Not to be outdone, the Muslim Brotherhood issued their own statement condemning the visit:  

S President George W. Bush, due to visit
Egypt on Wednesday as part of his Middle East tour, was branded a
murderer not welcome in the country by the main opposition party on

say to Bush Junior—whose hands are not just bloodstained but soaked in
our blood—that neither you or your American administration assistants
are welcome in our land or under our skies,’ the Muslim Brotherhood

statement, entitled ‘No welcome for the murderers’, quoted the
movement’s supreme guide, Mohammed Mehdi Akef, and said that
destruction and devastation followed Bush.

said Bush was unwelcome because he incited Ethiopia to occupy Somalia,
supported Israel, stirred up disagreement among the different political
factions in Lebanon and was responsible for the destruction of
Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq.

He also was after me lucky charms. Damn this Bush. 

I for one will miss him when he is gone. Hate him or love him, the man shook up the region with his push for democracy in arab countries, especially Egypt. The fact that the people making the so called "opposition" hate the US too much to ever give him credit, let alone capitalize on the pressure he provided, well, that just tells you why they are politically insignificant.

Oh well…

US troops in Egypt

First they said that the US would send equipment, but wouldn't have any troops there. Now there is a report of Iowa National Guard soldiers being deployed in Egypt for a Year. And they are not part of the MFO either. Actually:

The battalion is being activated under
several missions, including the war on terrorism and Operation Iraqi
Freedom. The soldiers will provide command to three companies that
remove explosives and offer logistical, medical and aviation support to
troops in the region.

So, either someone is not telling the truth, or we are officially now part of the Iraq War. 

Sexism 101

Just go here. And don't you dare laugh. The Women are watching you!

The Moustache Vendetta

This could only happen here:

Two families in southern Egypt that captured and forcefully shaved
each others' leaders earlier in the year have agreed to end their
dispute, the Al Ahram daily reported on Friday.

Over 7,000 citizens of Mahrusa, a town in the Qena province near Luxor,
gathered on Thursday to witness the heads of the Al-Arab and Fallaheen
families sign a final reconciliation pact.

Back in July the families abducted each others' leaders and shaved off
their mustaches, beards, hair and eyebrows. In the region, a man's
mustache represents his honor.

The dispute escalated into a series of violent clashes in which the families fought each other with sticks and clubs.

Fearing that the situation could further deteriorate, police and local
authorities intervened, calling on the sides to resolve their conflict.

God I love Egypt! 

The 150 INCH Plasma Screen TV

My Birthday is in 4 months , people. Start saving, cause ME WANTSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Ping Pong

First Livni says that Egypt is not doing enough to stop weapon smuggeling to Israel and hints that it may be on purpose..

Then Mubarak says this is ludicrous and warns that Livni has "crossed all the red lines"…

So Barak goes and says (at least according to egyptian papers) that Mubarak is getting too old to control all the security institutions in Egypt…

And the next day the egyptian papers declare the finding of an Egyptian soldiers mass-grave in Sinai.

I love the middle-east!