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The view from Tunisia

"The country is perfect. The man in charge is hooking up the country big time. He only treats the people who don't want to work badly, but other than that he is doing a fantastic job running the country. There is work if you want to work, and you will make great money and have a great life. Nobody asks you what you are doing or who you are doing it with. Drive drunk as shit with 3 half naked girls and the Police won't even bother me. Just stay away from Politics or illegal drugs, and you will be fine. And for me that makes sense. This is stuff only unemployed people do. Ohh, and don't forget the soccer. The number one team you always cheer for is ElTarabgy, and after that ElNegm el sa7ily. But El Tarabgy is number one. It's in the blood, man."

A half Egyptian/half Tunisian friend, who just came back after spending 3 years in Tunisia!


To touch me is to bleed.

I will leave my marks all over your soul, for your body means nothing to me.

I am a razor.

I’ve been sharpened by your appetite. The destruction I inflict has no bearing to me, for a weapon has no emotions. Just a purpose. To serve in your cause of self-destruction.

You’ve conjured up all the demons, thinking they would eat me, and you forgot that I am their father.

How soon you forget.

I tried to warn you, I even gave you a head start but you were so caught up in the maelstrom that you didn’t listen. But you never did anyway.

I stomped up and down because treading lightly just does not get your attention.

The lights of the Ferris wheel are off, but it still runs, and I thought I would take you for a ride, but you had a roadmap and I but a notion. No wonder you lost me again.

I am resurrected now. Don’t mind the wounds; it’s the price of going through your grind. They will heal in time, just as long as you don’t lick them.

I am the Vampire who wanted to taste your blood, so you injected it with poison..

I am the parasite that needs to feed off of you to live, only to find you but a shell of who you seem to be.

I am the Zombie that reminds you that you are still alive. God knows you never remember.

You will not survive my love, for my kisses burn your velvety skin like acid, leaving scars that remind you that the past was real.

There will be no illusions between us, as I take you for a dive into the sun, and hold you tightly as we burn together as we fall. You make a wish as I whisper in your ear that you were always my shining star.

It won’t last long, but to shine there with you, even for a minute, is worth a million times the certain death that comes afterwards.

Me..January 12th, 2008


I've not been feeling well. 2008 has not been very good to me so far. Been having a number of crisises (or is it crisees? whats the Plural of crisis?) and I haven't been able to deal with them and write here at the same time. It has gotten so bad I had to take a week off of work and I am not even close to solving 40% of them. And to top it all off, Hillary freakin wins New Hampshire, showcasing that women in the democratic party do fall for the idea that voting for Obama is sexist, and that one should hand a candidate victory because she almost chocked up during an interview.

I am trying to get those problems fixed as soon as possible. Hopefully it won;t take more than another 2 days!

And The Sandmonkey endorses…

I know, I should stay out of this, but I can't help it. The race this time is just too stupid on both sides. There are no fun candidates. I was hoping for Rumsfeld to run (imagine the White house press interviews?), but the dude is staying at home. Same with Condi. A Condi/Hillary election would've given feminists ulcers and Black people headaches. But no, I can't get my dream candidates, and I have to settle for this reality. And boy does reality blow.

On the Left, we have Hillary, who is so mechanical and downright evil that I can't fathom how she has real supporters anywhere. There is Edwards, who looks good, and talks well, and like, that's about it. And then there is Obama, and there is nothing funny about Obama. No one can make fun of Obama.  You can call him Braka Hussein Osama all you want, but, like, nothing beyond that. He is kind of like Edwards, only still in the senate and Black. But he admitted to doing drugs when he was young, which gives him high marks in my book, and he is giving Hillary a real run for her money, which just makes me love him. The remaining dems, well, there is the UFO dude, and that Biden guy who wants everyone to know he is running, but no one knows why. It's all very stupid. 

But on the right, things are even worse. You have a Pro-abortion, womanizing Catholic from New York in an anti-abortion, family values Protestant party that just loves and lives in the South; You have a Mormon ex-governor of Massachusetts, who lives the family values shtick with his 74937902 children and grandchildren, but panders so much he is making Kerry look like a straight talker; You have a so-called isolationist Libertarian, who wants to abolish the IRS (yay) but abolish the CIA (boo), gets supported by Neo-Nazis and has the craziest online trolls the internet has seen, ever; You have an Actor who everyone wanted to run because he was on fuckin Law and Order (hate that show and all of its bastard children spin-offs), and yet who managed to convey half of the Charisma Al Gore had through out the Clinton Presidency; You have an Arizona Senator who America loves but his own party kinda despises because he is too much of a centrist for them, not to mention he is like 150 years old, so there probably won't be a second term, and who wants that?; And finally you have a Southern Preacher who thinks God wants him to win, which is weird, since God told me that he is staying out of this one, especially that the people didn't like his endorsement of Bush very much. It's all Fantastically crappy.

Now, since I am not american, let alone belong to either party, I am gonna endorse one from each side, and hope they end up running against each other, cause then either way my candidate wins. Because when you realize that the most important election in the world is taking place and you don't have a say and there is nothing you can do about this, you might as well take a step back and enjoy the show. Maybe even have your own Fun, just like I plan to. So, without further ado, I endorse:


Why McCain? Because he is an old nice guy who is Pro Military but knows how to play nice with the other party, which is what everyone keeps saying is "what America needs now". He won't fuck around on national security or Fiscal responsibility, and he is anti-Torture, which makes him very Ok in my book. Plus, if things go bad with him or he goes senile, he will be out in 4 years. No Harm done really!

Why Obama? Well, because I find him fascinating. He shouldn't be running now, and people shouldn't be supporting him due to experience/ achievement/ethnic background/drug-use reasons, but yet, here he is kicking Hillary and Bill's collective asses. He is changing the rules of the game, and it's making me not want this to end for him. I want to see what's gonna happen next. Nothing bad is sticking to that guy. Nothing. I want to find something that i dislike about him in person and I can't. It's been driving me nuts. So I am betting if he stays in the race long enough, someone will find something and I will let out a sigh of relief due to having my cynicism restored. Also, he has Obama Girl. What is there more to say?

So there it is people, my picks for 08. Like 'em or hate 'em, they make no difference really.

In other news, here is the most important issue this election. 

Been gone for a few days

I know, I suck. But It's totally my job's fault. Financially support me and I will quit tomorrow, I promise!

Oh, and Happy New Year while you are at it!

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