I am not alone

Memz has something to say about this:

So over the last 15 days and many years the media describes the
Palestenian people as starving and unemployed. Living in the dark under
the evil forces of the occupation. In parallel, the Nasserist and the
Egyptian left wing hippies in Egypt demanding from the Egyptian
government to step in to support "our" poor stricken occupied brothers
in the Arab nation. While the Islamist and the Muslim Brotherhood
saying we need to support "our" wrongly vilified brothers in Islam. Of
course the Islamists, Nasserists, left wing hippies were happy to hear
"credible" organizations, like the good people at OXFAM and other
independent human rights groups saying the Palestinians need aid and

Meanwhile, Egyptian nationalists are described as
pro-Israel, pro-American Zionists traitors, for just wanting the focus
of their government be the well being of the citizens of Egypt. Of
course, you know all is fair game in the name of politics.

over to domestic and regional pressure (I mean you Al Jazeera), the
Egyptian government, "accepted" the breach on our borders; the purchase
of goods with forged money, the attempt to raise the Hamas flag on
Egyptian soil and government building, the attacks on our soldiers, and
the infiltration of terrorists to our lands, among many other things
that I would consider serious acts of war. This was all done in the
name of supporting "our brothers".

Anyhow, all that sounded sweet and dandy to me. Until yesterday, when Sandmonkey brought up an interesting point yesterday about how really un-poor the Palestinians are. So I decided to do some research!!

Read the rest of it here.  

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  1. Robert
    February 7, 2008 at 10:15 am

    Poor or rich, Palestinians should have the right to be free on their land.


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