The Saudis are Cuckoo II

Their religious police is banning red roses because they want to discourage people from celebrating Valentine's Day. Those damn sinners. Maybe now they will focus on their Rain Prayer.


  1. well, thank god they have oil otherwise America would be launching a war for freedom and justice there(instead of their rain prayers they should be asking god to delay alternative energy innovations forever) . as for the lesbo couple, may i suggest a visit in one of Cairo’s 5 star hotels in august where u can meet a lot of Arabian boys and girls telling u their favorite movies of all times (other than porn of course) is broke back mountain and iam not just talking about their admiration for shepherds if you can take a hint.

    i am sick of this fucked up societies that are changing us as we speak. u have the returning immigrants from the gulf area spreading their Fascist Islamic ideologies in Egypt from one side and the Iranian revolution incarnation in Egypt through who else but the Muslim brothers. how did we get to this state in soo little time? 60 years ago we were the beacon of civilization not just in the Arab world but in the middle east and the Islamic world. would some body tell me how did we get here?

  2. You sounded like the Turkish Olmanies, fear Allah and turn to religion its the only way out

  3. I do fear god. i just choose not to use his word to degrade others

  4. Khaled,

    I agree with you I read this outrageous article today about Asala being banned in Yemen. Out of all people Asala? I was like what is going on there?! There are two extremes happening and it is crushing the reasonable moderate people.

  5. “fear Allah and turn to religion its the only way out”

    Like the Saudis who embraced Religion with all engines and yet can’t get a drop of rain because of “sinners”. It looks to outsiders as if the last 60 years of Egypt’s history has seen more and more religion, not less. Yet God seems unimpressed. You could expand this observation to the entire Middle East and North African region. Maybe the more seriously people get into religion, the less God wants to hang around them.

    I know that I can certainly sympathize with him.

  6. Eva, Canada says:

    >Maybe the more seriously people get into religion, the less God wants to hang around them.

  7. Eva, Canada says:

    …Maybe the more seriously people get into religion, the less God wants to hang around them.

    Capital observation!

  8. Saul,

    Same applies to Zionists and the state of Israel nothing different. I love how you generalize in your comments it goes to show how much you know about other countries.

  9. Man, what would you expect from the towel heads?
    they won’t allow single men into the malls on week ends!!
    they lock you up in a restaurant if prayer time comes…

    they even detained a friend of mine because he had an egyptian flag on his car window after we won the cup of africa :)

    i did not believe, until i saw with my own eyes….its a nightmare here.

  10. Well, maybe they are worried red roses would beused in the same way Bill Clinton used cigars…

  11. Red roses have thorns. Thorns are sharp. The devil’s trident is sharp. Why does the devil have a trident? Ask the Greeks. This sharp trident is probably red under all that soot. Soot comes from all that smoke in the pit. Smoke also comes from cigars. Cigars and red roses are suddenly very much related to each other. Only Hakim @ 10 saw it correctly. And the Saudis.

    believers 1 – 0 devil but believers 0 – 1 rain
    I hate math!

  12. Well, other than the fact that Valentines day sucks… And to save the populace from another lame hallmark holiday may be merciful. Oh but I hope they don’t cancel secretary’s day!
    I don’t know if I will be surprised at too much that the SA gov does. Saving the world from red roses can’t be the worst rule but it is good to be up on their latest liturgical lows.
    PS. Have recently found your blog and it’s on my favorite bookmarks.

  13. CarpetCaptain says:

    Now if we can only have the religious police (ministry of promotion of vice and prevention of virtue (wink)) open up a regional Vancouver office so that us poor tortured men don’t have to base February sex on how well the Visa performed on Vagina day.