Yay for the return of the MCS epidemic. We needed some crazy Jiahdy fucks running around and trying to kill people for drawing cartoons. It was getting boring over here!


  1. Adrian from Denmark says:

    That AlArabia article was actually very decent :-)

    Today, the newspapers in Denmark reprint the cartoons, to make it clear that treaths of violence and murder cannot stop freedom of speech.

    I’m truly sorry for those muslims that feels hurt for the reprint, but I have to say that I find it correct to reprint them once again.
    As far as I can see it, that is the only way to make it clear that terror and treaths leads to nowhere, other than pissing against the wind.

  2. Olivier Laurent says:

    beeing jailed or to blow youself up for a couple of cartoons is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen.

    The only thing I understand is that they seem to live in some darkage century or they come from another planet.

  3. Unfortunately, it seems that Tunisia don’t want their prodigal sons back… Wonder why!!!

    Oh well, three less lunatics to worry about.

  4. Go Denmark! Backing down shows weakness and gives more reasons for abuse. Stand up to bullies. All bullies after all are just insecure people with big sticks or fists. There are bigger people then them too. Good thing.

  5. If a cartoon drawing threatens your faith, your faith wasn’t that strong to begin with.

  6. Damn! not again…. sucks