Tariq Ramadan = Muslim Martin Luther?


HAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHOOHOHOOHOHOHOH!! OK, oK, I will stop it, oh no I can't, Hehehehehehehehehhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……


  1. for those who understand french, there was a very interesting talk show with Ramadan and another educated and opposite muslim.

    guess who was “pissed and fucked ” :lol:


    there is a french islamisation, they don’t want the middle-ages preaches that come from the muslim brothers, but of the enlightened scientists and writters.

    Sarko just made an university course for educating the imams in a french understanding for the laws and respect of the people ; guess who educate them, the catholic institute, too funny :lol:

  2. Who says the French don’t do irony, eh?


  3. Curt from Houston says:

    “Tariq Ramadan = Muslim Martin Luther?”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! RIGHT! And I’m freakin Alexander the Great!

  4. When Tariq Ramadan pounds his Ninety-Five Theses on the door of Mecca, then maybe, he will be listened too, but there aren’t too many Luther’s these days.