Trying to stop the signal

The information Ministers of 22 arab nations have finally got together and took decisive action against..freedom of speech, the broadcasted by satellite kind. They even formed a…CHARTER! OOooohhhhhhhhh:

Arab governments adopted on Tuesday a satellite broadcasting charter
which will entrench state control over broadcasts and curtail political

The document, which echoes the language found in press laws used by
some Arab countries to prosecute journalists critical of their
governments, was endorsed at a meeting of Arab information ministers in

Analysts say the charter is the Arab governments' response to the
relative freedom enjoyed by Arab satellite broadcasters, many of which
are privately financed and which encourage open political discussion of
sensitive matters.

"This is clearly an effort to try to stem (the) influence from
satellite television on a political level," said Lawrence Pintak,
director of the Center for Electronic Journalism at the American
University in Cairo.

And they are banning, I don't know, everything…

The charter bans broadcasting material seen as undermining "social
peace, national unity, public order and general propriety" –
accusations which Arab governments often throw at their opponents.

Broadcasters can not criticise religions or defame political, national and religious leaders, it says.

"Freedom (of expression) is to be exercised with awareness and
responsibility to protect the supreme interests of the Arab states and
the Arab nation," one clause says.

If a broadcaster violates the charter, the host government could suspend or revoke its broadcasting licence, it said.

But don't fret, there are some good news:

But the charter does make one gesture toward public opinion, saying
that Arabs have a right to watch international sporting events in which
their national teams are competing, regardless of who owns the
broadcast rights.

Because really, who needs political debate, transparency, or freedom of speech and expression as long as you have Football Games? 



  1. They’re right – there is way too much freedom of speech in Arab dictatorships. Finally somebody is doing something about this terrible situation.

    I bet you people are so relieved. I mean, freedom is such a hassle!

  2. i am raising my middle thumb !!!

  3. its 2008. They are delusional if they think they can not control the information. These antiques better get with it or just go and die.

  4. Consider yourself screwed! That charter is so loosely formulated, it can cover anything they see fit; read: anything they don’t like.

    But truthfully, as mentioned by AF, they haven’t got a chance in hell of controlling the flow of information in these days. People will find ways!

  5. pathetic and sad COWARDS!

  6. Hmm, yes.
    Too much freedom is bad for you. Definitely.
    Censorship is good.
    Black is white.

    Shades of Orwell “Nineteen eighty four”

  7. “Broadcasters can not criticize religions”

    Does that mean an end to Ramadan TV specials dramatizing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Somehow I suspect not.

  8. Curt from Houston says:

    “Broadcasters can not criticise religions…”

    Really? Since When? Does that mean that they will stop referring to the Jooooos as pigs and monkeys? They might want to pull old Ahmanutajob aside and tell him ixnay on that whole “We’re going to wipe Israel off the map” thing if that’s the policy.

  9. is this FOR REAL? i mean did 22 “Information” Ministers ACTUALLY get together & as a result came up with this massive load of crap???

    DAMN IT!! i knew all that freedom would bite us in the ass someday! :P lol

    SO…ummmmmmmm…..ehhhhhhhhhh……hmmmmmmmmmm WTF is TV supposed to be good for now then???!!

  10. GeorgeOfTheJungle says:

    Information Ministers??? Excuse me, having lived in the Middle East for 3 years, all I can say is that 22 rich and corrupt Princes got together because they saw a chance to have a party paid for by the Governments they own. 22 Ministers of Information who wouldn’t know information if it came up and bit them on the arse. The only information they know from their childhoods, and schoolings, and so-called university educations is the archaic, psychotic ramblings of a jumped-up camel driver from 1400 years ago who was also a practicing pedophile. And they want to block satellite tv just in case all the citizens of the dictatorships realize that there are good things in this world! Ha, it’ll never happen.

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