Relationship Obituaries

Just got out of a break up? Go write yours today!


  1. brooklynjon says:

    What a riot! That first one by Patty, boy is she naive and unstable! And to advertise it on the net to total strangers! I love the internet.

  2. Patty: We met at work. We were seeing one another away from work. He was living with a woman. He claimed that they didn’t get along well. That they fought all the time. We had to sneak around. I felt guilty for that, but I loved him.

    Tip or all the ladies out there: if he’s married, or living with another woman, he isn’t yours. Just saying.

  3. another anonymous says:

    You are giving tips? a7a man!go and figure out how stupid you are knowing your biatcha girl in Libya that is using you and her friends against each other and causing all the fights.