This is a fantastic story that could only happen in Egypt. Robert Fisk doscoverd that his book on the life and times of Saddam was selling really well in Egypt, which was strange since he never wrote one. So Fisk had to come to Egypt and do some investiagtive journalism to find out who was behind it, unaware of what awaited him here in the land of the pharaohs. You have to read this. It's awesome!


  1. I think Fisk is a douchebag but this is a very funny story, brilliantly written.

  2. Egyptian in Germany says:

    Brilliant piece. If Fisk takes this article and integrates it with his experiences in Cairo tracking the fictional Magdi Shukry character, I am sure it will sell better than any forged Saddam book.
    Egyptian in Germany

  3. bajagafaga says:

    What the hell is Mgboulli bookshop? Isn’t it called Madbouli?

  4. Least favourite Arab capital? La2 ya ro7 omak you did not just say that.

  5. It’s not awesome. It’s embarrassing!!

    Get that shithole book of the stands!

  6. “off” the stands.

  7. It’s a wonderfull story. I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you so much for posting it.

  8. brooklynjon says:

    I’m with Johny #1.

  9. Foreign Native says:

    Typical Cairo! So many times it’s either shrug and laugh or pull your hair out -what else are you going to do?!
    I miss that place!

  10. I only scanned the windbag’s article. Did I miss something or is Fisk’s only objection that he isn’t being paid royalties for a book he didn’t write, but is given cover credit for. What about the contents? Other than the “drums of war” cliche, is he otherwise OK with what was published?

  11. This story was great, such a typical Cairo story.

  12. “the bureaucratic, traffic-snarled, bankrupt, wonderful, lawless, irredeemable, spectacular Cairo.” love it!

  13. Nadine,

    I have been accused to be so many people on this board, but what you just wrote here is a typical me :) I am accusing myself to be you heheheeee. The part that makes me laugh so hard is when he went to check out the Chukri address and it turned out to be a mosque and the funeral it is hilarious!

  14. Great story, Fisk is a great journalist! :D