Israel is behind the Cut-off cables

So says fillbalad users. 51% of them. Based on no proof whatsoever.


  1. This is crazy talk. Everyone knows that it was the whales. Help stop them before they strike again!

  2. Do we just stop the Zionist Whales?

  3. All whales are zionist – as long as they have not pledged their full support to Hamas, they are to be considered enemies… :D

  4. It wasn’t just one cable, or even two. It was six. Even the conspiracy theory lcited by Filbalad misses out on the fact that in this case, there really was a conspiracy. So bizarre.

  5. I did it….and i framed the Israelis.

  6. Nuke The Gay Whales For Christ.

  7. Well of course Israel did it, lol. If they can do tsunamis why not underwater cables. Piece of cake.

  8. And they also can stop the rain from falling in Saudi Arabia, Karen.

  9. I thought Bush made the Tsunamis.

  10. Israel was affected badly, period.

  11. Bush or the Jews, what is the difference when you’re an mentally deficient conspiracy theorist :) They are both “the boogie man”.

  12. I blame the vatican. Papists are plotting popular progressive programs.

  13. The fact that 49% did NOT think that Israel had anything to do with it is even more remarkable. Are Egyptians getting soft?

  14. Israel is responsible (at least according to the Palestinians) for the earthquake, and not the tsumanis.

    Cut cable=zionist whales, Gay Whales for Christ or an evil giant squid.

  15. brooklynjon says:


    If you can work Karl Rove, Global Warming, and steroids in there, I think you’ll have a complete theory. But an evil giant squid? That’s just silly!

  16. It is gratifying to know how much power we wield. Watch out world, where we walk chaos follows. Hah Hah!

  17. i think its unrealistic to blame Israel for that. still, i blame them for the following:

    1. I hate my new job—- Israel is behind it.
    2. the whales. so in a way we can blame Israel for the cables after all
    3. i also blame them for our increasing population (although some experts claim that bad night time T.V has something to do with it)
    4. i also blame them for the garbage problem, el microbasaat, poverty, corruption and the crappy Egyptian cinema.

    so until we kill all Israelis i will do nothing to fix my problems. in fact i will call any body trying to fix his/hers a traitor to this great nation ( i say great because we have the pyramids, the Nile and mild weather)

  18. “i say great because we have the pyramids, the Nile and mild weather” harsh ya khaled. we’re still a young country post independence- what was america like 60 years after independence? In short, a mess. but yeah, we gotta do something. If you wanna do something to increase the ‘greatness list’, then I can put you in touch with a few people who do development work.

  19. Anna i am not being pessimistic. i think its important to realize that our path for development will not start until we get over ourselves and face problems the way we should be instead of blaming other ppl. but we are far from doing that. we still till this day see ppl on “ejepshan” T.V brag about our history. we should be learning from it not bragging.

    i think development is a challenge but its not that hard. an professor of mine used to say “The issue is not always the issue”. the bedrock of any progression is democracy. only then people can believe they matter to this country and that it is worth working for. lets pray for democracy.

  20. brooklynjon says:


    ” i also blame them for our increasing population ”

    Wait a cotton-picking second there, Mister. Wasn’t it Israel that was causing men’s penises to fall off a few years ago? You can’t have it both ways! Either they’re reducing fertility, or increasing it, but not both!

    And the weather in Cairo when I was there was not exactly mild, unless you’re talking about how an egg on the road would be “mildly” fried. Allow me to suggest a trip to stultifyingly dull, but weatherly gifted San Diego.

  21. brooklynjon says: