Through a rough patch

Dear readers, 

Been going through a rough patch lately. Trouble at work and at home, death in work colleagues, and complications in my personal life as well, which are all leaving me unable to blog. I am so dispirited, I didn't even enjoy the "Good riddance Fidel" carnival that went on yesterday. But that's probably because I would've liked to see him deposed, but divine justice continues to allude this bastard. Anyway…

So yeah, wish me luck and that I get out of this funk soon enough. And I hope that all is well with all of you.


  1. HUgz (wait is that haram online too?) J/K Hope everything works its way out for you.

    Hope all clears up with you. Especially as I have just recently found your blog and become quite enamored with your rants, writings and readers. Ah, well, more time to catch up on old posts I guess. Also nice that your website is accessible by my work internet, so much content is blocked these days. You make cyberslacking interesting.


  2. The Raccoon says:

    Awww, dude, bummer…

    Best of luck to you with getting the shitty bits over with quickly :/

  3. Let me phrase a Dutch expression:
    “Na regen komt zonneschijn! :)
    (after rain the sun will shine)

    Hope that it will not continue raining cats and dogs in your life and that the sky will break open soon for you! Take care!! And hope to see you doing allright soon enough :)

  4. Sorry to hear it, man. I guess bloggers need breaks too, sometimes. Hope you get things settled down soon :)

  5. Here’s a cyber-hug and some cyber chicken soup from a Yiddishe Mama in the UK :-)

  6. hey, sorry to hear about what you’re going through. Hope things work out.

  7. Dude, I only just discovered that you were back blogging again after your last threatened hiatus. Now you’re doing the drama queen thing again? Please don’t leave. Your faith-less readers will be sooooo disappointed.
    But seriously, I do hope things look up for you soon, if only for the purely self-centered reason that I enjoy reading your blog.

  8. here’s some light relief for you sm- not an exact translation but close enough

    A son asks his father: “what does politics mean?” The father says, I will explain it to you very simply.
    “I am Amrika. Your mom is the government, the maid is the public, you’re the educated guy who thinks, and your little brother is the future. Got it?”

    So the boy kinda nods and then goes off to sleep. He wakes up to get a drink in the night and he goes past his parent’s bedroom where he see his mom sleeping alone. He goes past the kitchen and sees his dad attacking the maid. On his way back he finds his little brother has wet himself.

    So the boy says:aaah I understand politics perfectly now. Amrika bullies the public while the government is fast asleep and the educated stand by and watch. And the future stinks.

  9. I usually don’t post replies, but I would like to let you know that you have fans in Israel and we’d all like to see stuff sorted out for you so that we can keep reading and enjoying your posts (pretty straighforwardly egoistic, huh? damn Jews…).
    Yesterday I went with some friends to a lecture in Scientology to lift our spirits and make us smile. I’m sure you can also find dozens of other ridiculous stuff near your home to cheer you up , and if not, you can always watch some streaming South Park on the net :P

    Hope things clear out soon!

    I also know some good knock knock jokes… ;)

  10. Olive Picker says:

    May you walk out of this river of problems dry.

  11. Dude, sorry to hear about the tough times. My condolences on your co-worker, and I hope the personal stuff straightens out soon. Take as much time off as you need. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you again whenever you are ready.

  12. Hope everything gets sorted out soon! Don’t be gone long or we’ll miss you!

  13. I do hope that u feel better,so take the time u need to come back- U are a unique voice that i always love to read. It’s fun to see u here and elsewhere(such as at Drima- where u ran in and out quickly, but always with wisdom and humor.)

  14. Roman Kalik says:

    Best wishes, man. Here’s hoping that things work out for the best.

  15. Wait a second!! Are you telling me bloggers are humans?? With real emotions??

    This whole time I thought you were basically a computer program.

    JK, monkey, hope you break out of your funk.

  16. Don’t let it weigh you down too long, monkeyman. We hang on your every word.

  17. Hope everything gets sorted out quickly so we don’t all have to go through Sandmonkey-rant withdrawal again. :(

    Oh, and of course, so you are happy.

  18. Sorry things are shitty. I hope they pass soon.

  19. Tawwilli Balak ya bacha!! I hope (and pray) all will be in good order very soon! Allah Ma’ak -

  20. May the Force be with you and help you recover pronto!

  21. Best wishes…

    Tomorrow…things get better…inshallah


  22. how about u work as a blogger. this way u can get paid doing what u love. a journalist maybe i dunno. but come on man we all have our ups and downs its gonna be just fine. if not, then fuck it

  23. brooklynjon says:

    As the Brits say, Keep your pecker up! I hope it’s all better soon.

  24. BJ, I thought they said, “keep a stiff upper lip”, not pecker!

    It’s always darkest before the dawn!

  25. bj and tedders, stop mangling the british language. the phrase is, ‘chin up’

  26. shoooo habibi :)

  27. Hey Twos!!

  28. Hey tedders Obama and Clinton are in town :)

  29. Yeah Hillary’s getting beat up pretty good!! It’s lookin like an Obama vs McCain race!

  30. What’s shoooo habibi?

    poor baby?

  31. best of luck, hope to see you back soon

  32. Salamtak, SM.

  33. brooklynjon says:

    Well, two British friends of mine, one very proper, one very not, both say “Keep your pecker up”. I assume it refers to the nose.

  34. “Well, two British friends of mine, one very proper, one very not, both say “Keep your pecker up”. I assume it refers to the nose.”

    Well, this should be giving Sandmonkey a good laugh, at least.

  35. I thought it was bottom’s up?

    Or perhaps not in Egypt?

    Though I have heard it is medicinal.


  36. Snap out of it. You have long-delayed municipal elections to cover.

  37. Even in little ole New Zealand we love to hear the voice of sanity from Egypt. The MSM sounds scary re suicide bombings and sectarian violence. Sand monkey: you keep us grounded.

  38. Even in little ole New Zealand we love to hear the voice of sanity from Egypt. The MSM sounds scary re suicide bombings and sectarian violence. Sand monkey: you keep us grounded.

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  39. Take care, Sam.

  40. This has been going on since that girl friend of yours thought u were in love with her. Ur posts have been short, brief and lacking in substance as I’ve mentionned previously. But u know it. U haven’t had the energy or the desire or the motivation maybe.

    Unlike everyone else who just wants 2 come on ur blog so they can flirt and fight with each other, and is telling u 2 “get well” so that u can continue 2 post and they can continue their “luve-fuck fest” with each other…I’m going 2 tell u 2 take a break..maybe even 4 a few months…i’m breaking as well…the fake-luve of strangers is never enough is it?

    I’d tell u 2 spend some time alone in meditation and prayer…but i’m not sure how close u r 2 the divine…so since u r close 2 not 1 but 2 Seas…go spend a few days by the sea…stare at the water…bathe in it…baptize yourself in it…

    fi aman illah

  41. tedders,

    shooo habibi is like saying what is wrong darling or what’s up? (not the pecker of course) it is a common Lebanese, Palestinian, Jordanian etc….

    The Clinton witch better not mess with texans :)

  42. cheers for the interview yesterday.. hope you heard it on the radio :) the sound was a bit bad, but it went through anyway…

    Hope you get in the mood soon..


  43. Feckless Badger says:

    wise words of my father: “when it rains… it shits”

  44. This has been going on since that girl friend of yours thought u were in love with her. Ur posts have been short, brief and lacking in substance as I’ve mentionned previously. But u know it. U haven’t had the energy or the desire or the motivation maybe.

    Broken heart, is it? Lots of that going around on the blogosphere these days. Hope somebody finds a cure for it :)

  45. And how can you mend a broken heart?
    How can you stop the rain from falling down?
    How can you stop the sun from shining?
    What makes the world go round?
    How can you mend this broken man?
    How can a loser ever win?
    Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live again.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.
    I should be, but for some reason I’m not embarrassed to admit that I like the brothers Gibb.

  46. tedders,

    I don’t think it is true you know I know better :) May God remove all the ANONYMOUSES from blogs.

  47. Keep on keeping on Sandy Monkey ! Or is it Keep on trucking?
    There is a cure for this, but it involves pandas and a set of cymbals. Plus it is neither Kosher nor Halal and my palm reading, gypsy neighbour is away on vacation to Eastern Europe.

    I was going to end with Peace, luv and butterflies, but that’s too wimpy and today I had a huge raw steak.
    So I’ll stick with Keep on Truckin’!

  48. Don’t let the bastards get you down!

  49. Life can suck pretty bad at times, but you gotta get with it. Everyone loses someone at what become critical points in their lives. The circumstances shape us, hopefully for the better.

    When momma nature decides she’s had enough of us messin’ with her rock she’ll rectify the situation. Till then, live…love…laugh… The rest will take care of itself.

  50. Hang in there dude. Things can always get better. The bottom is a limiting factor while the sky is the only upper limit.

  51. DomainDiva says:

    Make the choices that make it better. Stay strong and remember that you are loved and respected by ‘your fans’ !!!

    Hang in there!!!

  52. christina/ohio says:

    Hoping the road smoothes out for you soon. Miss the snarky posts. :)

  53. Monopoly World – VOTE CAIRO!

    sm, all the Egyptia folks and friends, something rather dastardly has come to my attention. Egypt is not gonna be selected for the new ‘Monopoly World’ board game UNLESS you vote within the next 4 days and make it one of the top 20 countries. So get voting people! So far Cairo is the only city from Egypt and it’s probably best that we just focus on voting for Cairo as time is short.

    VOTE CAIRO because there are some really random places that are winning that I can’t pronounce (like Gdynia, Poland) and will make playing monopoly with future kids a tad burdensome for us all. At least when your car lands on Egypt, you’ll be able to at least reel something off that you’ve read on here and look super smart. What are you gonna be saying about Gdynia, which is currently no. 1? Yeah….exactly.


  54. vote Alexandria for the wildcard option, just not Gdynia

  55. can’t pronounce Poland anna? :) I voted Cairo :)

  56. well done for voting for the *right*country two. I’m trying to counter the effect of the haam yebaky wa haam yeda7ak joke i left before.

    can just about pronounce Poland, but it’s Gdynia that I can’t stand- maybe they can call jail Gdynia or something. ‘ Do not Pass Go, Go to Gdynia’. it was wildcard no.1 yesterday so if yu care about your kids people, you’ll make sure it doesn’t get on there. and yes I’ve been told that wildcard voting doesn’t affect the other main city voting, i blame not telling you that before squarely on Gdynia. having to type such a silly name obviously caused some short-circuit in my brain zzzttttttt

  57. Baby come back ! (sang to the UB40 and Banton’s tune)
    I miss my monkey ;)

  58. Cairo

  59. I wish all the bedst to you
    this boy 15 years old will sing a song for you

  60. CCGypsyblood says:

    Rest up until you have the health to continue the fight.
    It’s always darkest before the dawn.

  61. Miss you SM! 6 days and counting……
    Hope things are getting better for you.

  62. tozret…never said he had a broken heart..if u can read u’d notice i said it’s been going on since he had the fallout with the female friend that thought he was in love with him…

    sorry but having a name like tozret doesn’t tell any1 who u r anymore than calling oneself anonymous

  63. Freedom Fan says:

    Hey Sandmonkey,

    Check this out: Woman brutalized by the must-dress-in-a-bag police in Tehran fights back and the crowd joins in to help her. Cool huh?

    Iranian Shoppers Riot Against Modesty Police

    Oh and I hope you shake off that funk, dude.

  64. Bruce Majors says:

    I’d be happy to try to cheer you up, but you are on the wrong team and it would be illegal in Cairo

  65. You need to cheer up or I’ll quit sending you those pictures of naked sheep that you like.

  66. Go and get some history lessons anonymouse and stop being a blogroach

  67. You tell ‘em Twos!

    There’s only one Twosret, how many anonymous are there? She doesn’t hide behind a moniker made up by the computer for some to lazy too list a name.

  68. Sooth Sayer says:

    The free world is depending on you (okay maybe not the entire free world)
    Can you snap out of it?
    Can you take a vacation?
    Can you walk?
    Can you think for yourself?
    Do you have a job that pays the bills?
    Do you have a friend that gives a damn about you?
    Do you eat at least one hot meal a day?

    Love lost, death, disappointments are all part of the cycle of life and that’s why all the other questions that can be answered positively are so important.

  69. Hi, Sandmonkey. I have been there myself and it doesn’t sound like much help when someone says it to but it is true: the bad time will not last forever. Things WILL get better.

  70. I was holding my breath waiting for you to get out of your funk.
    I can not hold my breath any longer!!!

  71. YAY he’s back!!! :)