Church urges Hanky Panky

I don't know what's more disturbing: A pastor telling people to skip church to have sex, or the fact that he calls it "hanky panky".


  1. a)he doesn’t say to skip church
    b) aimed at married people, not just people
    c)Shock horror, God made sex!

    although that’s not the way to counter high divorce rates by any means.

  2. Both priests and rabbis in the US agree that it is a good idea for married folk to have sex on the sabbath, and on the days in between. ;-)

  3. Great priest wonderful church where is that again :)

  4. Oh well, if the pastor said it then I guess it is alright. I’m not going to hell anymore. Dodged that one.

    anna, you mean married to eachother or just married in general? :)

  5. Olive Picker says:

    Pft, he made sex into an assignment! and a daily one at that.

    I predict many couples will go off sex for long periods of time after following his advice