Israel is behind the Cut-off cables

So says fillbalad users. 51% of them. Based on no proof whatsoever.

There is an egyptian Hezbollah?

Oh yay!

Love in 2012

5 predictions to what the future holds, when it comes to love!

Same old story

Bad economic conditions in Egypt= Rising Islamism = Bigger excuse for the government to be more autocratic and corrupt= worse economic conditions in Egypt.

Sarkozy and the Holocaust

The Frenchies are not happy with his newest educational proposal to teach 10 year olds stories of 10 year old jewish kids who were killed in the holocaust. Now, yes, I can see how many people could find this distasteful on the ground of the children's age, but one has to wonder if the age argument applies anymore. I mean, no one would've said anything if this was taught to 12 year olds, and since 10 is the new 12 (goddamn you growth hormones and mentally stimulating technology),I am not sure that it's problematic on the grounds of age. It is, however, problematic from the view of indoctrination. Sure, Anti-semitism is on the rise in France, but is this really the best way to combat it?

Relationship Obituaries

Just got out of a break up? Go write yours today!

Got the snifles

For the past 3 days. I hate cold season.

Cindy Sheehan is in town

"Peace Mom" is here supporting the rights of the Muslim Brotherhood members on trial. Who wants to come with me and throw eggs at her? Ramsey Clark is also here. We can egg him too. It's double the fun this way. Any takers? E-mail me!

Oh, and here is her Open Letter to our First Lady , Suzy Mubarak. Isn't it nice how she pimps her dead army son in the first paragraph of it? I think it's heartwarming. Don't you?

Also, gotta love the ending paragraph;

Thank you for your consideration in this important
matter, inshallah we will work together for a peaceful
and just resolution for the betterment of humanity.

So, supporting the MB is now for the betterment of humanity? And did you notice the Inshallah? How very touching and culturally sensitive..

Oh, and the signature 

Cindy Sheehan

A US Congress Candidate

Founder & Chairperson of the Gold Star Families for Peace

Director of Camp Casey Peace Institute

Otherwise known as unemployed political whore. And can you put "US congress candidate" as a job description? Doesn't it only count if you win?

Like we needed this shit! 

HA leader gets bombed in Syria..

So, not only do we have a Hezballah leader killed, but a car bomb in Syria as well? I would dance if I didn't think that something about this piece of news stinks like an anchovies' armpit!

Tariq Ramadan = Muslim Martin Luther?


HAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHOOHOHOOHOHOHOH!! OK, oK, I will stop it, oh no I can't, Hehehehehehehehehhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……

Trying to stop the signal

The information Ministers of 22 arab nations have finally got together and took decisive action against..freedom of speech, the broadcasted by satellite kind. They even formed a…CHARTER! OOooohhhhhhhhh:

Arab governments adopted on Tuesday a satellite broadcasting charter
which will entrench state control over broadcasts and curtail political

The document, which echoes the language found in press laws used by
some Arab countries to prosecute journalists critical of their
governments, was endorsed at a meeting of Arab information ministers in

Analysts say the charter is the Arab governments' response to the
relative freedom enjoyed by Arab satellite broadcasters, many of which
are privately financed and which encourage open political discussion of
sensitive matters.

"This is clearly an effort to try to stem (the) influence from
satellite television on a political level," said Lawrence Pintak,
director of the Center for Electronic Journalism at the American
University in Cairo.

And they are banning, I don't know, everything…

The charter bans broadcasting material seen as undermining "social
peace, national unity, public order and general propriety" –
accusations which Arab governments often throw at their opponents.

Broadcasters can not criticise religions or defame political, national and religious leaders, it says.

"Freedom (of expression) is to be exercised with awareness and
responsibility to protect the supreme interests of the Arab states and
the Arab nation," one clause says.

If a broadcaster violates the charter, the host government could suspend or revoke its broadcasting licence, it said.

But don't fret, there are some good news:

But the charter does make one gesture toward public opinion, saying
that Arabs have a right to watch international sporting events in which
their national teams are competing, regardless of who owns the
broadcast rights.

Because really, who needs political debate, transparency, or freedom of speech and expression as long as you have Football Games? 


Blame it on the suffering

The one thing that I always loved about leftist (and now islamist) reasoning has been always their insistence that "suffering" excuses all behaviors. If you were a thief because you were suffering because you are poor, that's fine, you are a victim of society. If you are  a crazy fuckhead who likes to blow himself up to kill other people, well, that's because you come from a background of suffering (and not because u r brainwashed and fucked in the head). So, if you are a Hamas spokesperson, and someone asks you about all that crazy shit that you are doing at the egyptian borders, such as blowing them up and shooting at our soldiers and getting explosives through and such other fun brotherly activities, well, you quite naturally blame it on…yes people, say it with me.. the SUFFERING of your people.

"Regarding the passing assaults that happened on
Egyptian soldiers at the Rafah crossing, the spokesman said that what
happened was as a result of an asphyxiating state suffered by one and a
half million people in Gaza."

 Oh, yeah, and before I forget, he also said…

The spokesman called on the Egyptian leadership to
silence the "poisonous" voices that cause bitterness and pain to the
Palestinian people.

So, let's get this straight: They want to blow our border, shoot at our guards, throw like 36 of them into a Hospital, steal or purchase goods with counterfeit money, and smuggle explosives into Egypt and then not only justify this by pointing out to their self-inflicted suffering, they also demand that whomever disagrees with them gets silenced by our autocratic and tyrannical regime, and somehow that's ok and cool and brotherly? Allright, let me say it once and for all to all Hamas supporters and other Gaza residents: Until you stop with your shit, I DON'T GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT YOU, NO MATTER WHAT THE ISRAELIS DO TO YOU, AND NO MATTER HOW MANY  SAD CUTE CHILDREN- ALIVE OR DEAD- YOU USE AS PROPAGANDA TOOLS. CAPICE?

Oh, and please excuse my feelings, its the result of the asphyxiating state suffered by 80 million people living in Egypt who don't really like being stepped on by anybody, especially those we have always helped. It's a very special kind of suffering! I am sure you understand!

The Egyptian NYC-Cab-driving Cupid

Give it up to Cabbie Love!


Yay for the return of the MCS epidemic. We needed some crazy Jiahdy fucks running around and trying to kill people for drawing cartoons. It was getting boring over here!

The Saudis are Cuckoo II

Their religious police is banning red roses because they want to discourage people from celebrating Valentine's Day. Those damn sinners. Maybe now they will focus on their Rain Prayer.

You know you saw this coming

Have a lovely day! 

Big Surprise

Hamas allegedly threatened to kidnap egyptian soldiers if their detainees in Egyptian jails aren't released! Oh Joy!

Having HIV in Egypt

This is really messed up:

The arrests began in October 2007, when police stopped two men having
an altercation on a street in central Cairo. When one of them told the
officers that he was HIV-positive, police immediately took them both to
the Morality Police office and opened an investigation against them for
homosexual conduct. The two men told human rights defenders that they
were slapped and beaten for refusing to sign statements the police
wrote for them. They spent four days in the Morality Police office
handcuffed to an iron desk, sleeping on the floor. Police later
subjected the two men to forensic anal examinations designed to “prove”
that they had engaged in homosexual conduct.
Human Rights Watch has documented that such examinations
to detect “evidence” of homosexuality are not only medically spurious
but constitute torture.
Police then arrested two more men because their
photographs or telephone numbers were found on the first two detainees.
Authorities subjected all to HIV tests without their consent. All four
are still in detention, pending prosecutors’ decision on whether to
bring charges of homosexual conduct. The first two arrestees, who
reportedly tested HIV-positive, are being held in a Cairo hospital,
handcuffed to their beds and only unchained for an hour each day. 

Meanwhile, police apparently placed the apartment where one of the men
had lived under surveillance. On November 20, two days after a new
tenant had assumed the lease, police raided the apartment and detained
four other men.
According to the arrest report, the men were fully dressed
and were not engaging in any illegal acts at the time of the arrests.
However, all were charged with homosexual conduct, apparently solely on
the basis that they were found in a dwelling formerly occupied by one
of the earlier detainees.
People who have spoken to the four men since their arrest
told Human Rights Watch that a non-commissioned officer in the police
station beat one detainee on the head several times. Police allegedly
forced the four men to stand in a painful position for three hours with
their arms lifted in the air. They were provided no food, drink, or
blankets during their first four days of detention. Authorities also
tested these men for HIV without their consent. One of the men
reportedly said that the prosecutor, when informing him that he had
tested positive for HIV, told him: “People like you should be burnt
alive. You do not deserve to live.” 

I am speechless! Read more here! 

Hitchens on Rowan Williams

The drunk Brit has a point!

(I should have a Hitchens category) 

The Saudis are Cuckoo

They preformed a special "Rain Prayer" (which is so different than a Raindance- raindances are fun and semi-naked!), and it failed. Why it failed, well, it could be because God already gave those people Oil up the ass and figured that this should make them shut the fuck up for a while, or it could be that the man is just too busy with war and genocide that he can't be bothered with a bunch of gulfies wanting some vanity rain. But that's my theory. Saudi clerics, on the other hand, blame it all-including the drought-on sinners , naturally! Ain't that nice?