February 2008 archive

Fox News is useless

They actually have a story about how the satellite phones on LOST are not real. Yes, let's ignore the strange Island, the time travel, the smoke monster, Jacob, the ghosts of dead people. Yeah, all that is fine, but not the cool-looking satellite phones. Those are just not real!

Through a rough patch

Dear readers, 

Been going through a rough patch lately. Trouble at work and at home, death in work colleagues, and complications in my personal life as well, which are all leaving me unable to blog. I am so dispirited, I didn't even enjoy the "Good riddance Fidel" carnival that went on yesterday. But that's probably because I would've liked to see him deposed, but divine justice continues to allude this bastard. Anyway…

So yeah, wish me luck and that I get out of this funk soon enough. And I hope that all is well with all of you.


This is a fantastic story that could only happen in Egypt. Robert Fisk doscoverd that his book on the life and times of Saddam was selling really well in Egypt, which was strange since he never wrote one. So Fisk had to come to Egypt and do some investiagtive journalism to find out who was behind it, unaware of what awaited him here in the land of the pharaohs. You have to read this. It's awesome!

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