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I've been unable to do anything yesterday because I was recovering from celebrating too hard the night before. You know why? Because Egypt won, Bitches! We showed the Cameron guys who's their Daddy. And screw Abu Treika: Zidan is the Man. And yes, those pictures show egyptian fans taking over Edgware Road in London (and yes, those guys are on the roof of a store, ur point being?). We did that all over the place. The Fans were nuts. And get this: guys from Rod El Farag (very poor part of Cairo) were spraying people with Beer. Yes, Beer. We are this close to spraying champagne people. There is still hope here!


Three Popular myths debunked for the day

The HPV vaccine doesn't really protect you from HPV..

Mobile Phones don't cause Cancer…. 

and Marriage doesn't get better with time!

Have a lovely day! 

The Euro infiltrates New York

Damn those Europeans and their strong currency!


If you thought the republican party is split and suffering, you just wait till you see what will happen to to the democrats if they don't settle this soon. Even Howard Dean thinks its gonna get ugly:

Here is a transcript of Dean’s remarks: “The idea that we can afford to
have a big fight at the convention and then win the race in the next
eight weeks, I think, is not a good scenario. So, after the primaries
are over, the last primary is June 8th in Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico I
think, there may be another state with there – and after that if we
don’t have a nominee, I think we will have a nominee sometime in the
middle of March or April. But if we don’t, then we’re going to have to
get the candidates together and make some kind of an arrangement.
Because I don’t think we can afford to have a brokered convention, that
would not be good news for either party.”

I am not seeing the republicans losing any sleep over it!

Message to the Egyptian Government






..before anymore bad shit happens! 

That is all!

Candidate’s worth

Want to know how rich the US politicians are? Look no further than here. Obama is the only one that can barely claim Middle-class status.

Losing Egypt

The Fruit of Hamas' Labor..

I agree that it changed things, but in the opposite direction. Hamas
probably gained the Syrians and Iranians but lost the Egyptians, who
are the more important, because it complicated their internal and
external calculations and subjected Egypt to an uncalculated danger.

To clarify my viewpoint, I will place it within the context of
comparison. The Palestinians are banned from firing from Lebanon under
an international watch and Lebanese guards backed by a popular Lebanese
consensus. The Palestinians are also banned from firing a single bullet
from Syria on Israel. They are banned from doing the same thing from


these three countries openly ban the Palestinian factions from
embroiling them in confrontations with Israel, then Egypt is expected
to feel the same danger. Gaza, in its contemporary history and adjacent
geographical location, is reckoned to be important for Egypt and its
security. The Israelis complain that Egypt is playing with fire by its
covert support for Hamas.

If this is true, then why?

Egypt most certainly does not agree with many of Hamas 's actions yet
believes that the movement is an important part of the Palestinian
equation which should not be ignored and wants good relationship with
it in order to solve the multidimensional Palestinian problem.

The Israelis believe that Cairo backs Hamas, despite its suspicions of
the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] to which the movement belongs, in order to
pressure Israel constantly and hold the threads of the game. In reply
to Cairo, unofficial warnings came from Tel Aviv advocating settling
some Palestinians in Sinai, similar to the Palestinian camps in Syria,
Lebanon, and Jordan. It is not difficult for us to understand Israel's
desire to export the problem to Egypt because it wants the latter to be
a party in the crisis and not just in the solution.

But it is the dangerous actions of Hamas that are hard to justify. With
its futile rockets, the movement made Israel blockade Gaza and turn it
into a disaster area and pushed the population toward the Egyptian
borders for the same purpose. Practically, Hamas and Israel conspired
against Egypt for totally different reasons. I believe that the
disaster will be repeated. Hamas will bombard, Israel will attack, the
Palestinians will flee toward Egypt, and the crisis becomes bigger. As
it happened in Lebanon and Jordan, Egypt will be forced to intervene
and I expect it to restore the Palestinian Authority [PA] to Gaza.

Hamas must remember that, as an MB movement, it would not have governed
anywhere else in the Arab world were it not for the PA which accepted
it in order to unite the Palestinian rank. The irony is that Hamas
split the rank and expelled Fatah. Once again, Hamas designed the
recent crisis so as to impose its calculations on Egypt and everyone
without making any concession. It rejects the demands of the PA in
Ramallah, refuses to hold early elections, wants to bombard Israel, and
at the same time cries over the blockade and asks the Egyptians to pay
the price.

The People are catching on.


What to do with those people?

Sources at Ezz Eddin al-Qassam militias, the military wing of Hamas,
said 2000 Egyptians belonging to Salafist and Jihad groups have entered
the Gaza Strip in the past few days after the opening of the Rafah
crossing to join the resistance and struggle against Israel.

sources told al-Masry al-Youm that these groups met with the leaders of
Hamas and Jihad to join the military wings of the resistance and carry
out martyrdom operations, but Hamas has declined and asked them to
return to Egypt so as to avoid a political crisis between Egypt and

I am torn between wanting them to go and join Hamas just to get them out of my country,  or not allowing them to go there in order to stop them from getting training and fighting experience. So we either have the crazies now, or get them later with guns and training. Hmmph. Maybe we can put them on a ship in the red sea and hope for an encore?  

We lost a ship??

How could anyone just lose a freakin ship? Ships don;t just disappear, right?

On Super Tuesday

I am too lazy to write a post about it, so I am quoting this convo between me and Roba:  
Roba: what happened with super tueday

Sam: hehehe

No one can make heads or tails of it

Roba: yeah

i read

Sam: this is what I know

obama won 13
hillary won 9
but she won new york and claifornia
big votes
however, thanks to democratic primary rules of "reward all
the kids for playing"
Obama will get many of her delegates as well
this will leave the situation almost unresolved
with them having comparatively equal number of
Obama will claim he got the delegate vote
hillary will say she got the popular vote
she will boast about masschusetts, where Obama was endorsed
by Kerry and the kennedy's
and he will talk about winning the south, especially
which no one thought his black ass could win
in the end, nothing got resolved as expected
it will carry on until the convention
and that's when Hillary will probably shut down Obama with
the number of superdelegates (votes given to party members only that count as
much as regular delegates do)
and she will become the nominee
to which Mccain will beat her ass like a pimp does to his
hoes come november, and that is all she wrote.
Or am I missing something? 

I am not alone

Memz has something to say about this:

So over the last 15 days and many years the media describes the
Palestenian people as starving and unemployed. Living in the dark under
the evil forces of the occupation. In parallel, the Nasserist and the
Egyptian left wing hippies in Egypt demanding from the Egyptian
government to step in to support "our" poor stricken occupied brothers
in the Arab nation. While the Islamist and the Muslim Brotherhood
saying we need to support "our" wrongly vilified brothers in Islam. Of
course the Islamists, Nasserists, left wing hippies were happy to hear
"credible" organizations, like the good people at OXFAM and other
independent human rights groups saying the Palestinians need aid and

Meanwhile, Egyptian nationalists are described as
pro-Israel, pro-American Zionists traitors, for just wanting the focus
of their government be the well being of the citizens of Egypt. Of
course, you know all is fair game in the name of politics.

over to domestic and regional pressure (I mean you Al Jazeera), the
Egyptian government, "accepted" the breach on our borders; the purchase
of goods with forged money, the attempt to raise the Hamas flag on
Egyptian soil and government building, the attacks on our soldiers, and
the infiltration of terrorists to our lands, among many other things
that I would consider serious acts of war. This was all done in the
name of supporting "our brothers".

Anyhow, all that sounded sweet and dandy to me. Until yesterday, when Sandmonkey brought up an interesting point yesterday about how really un-poor the Palestinians are. So I decided to do some research!!

Read the rest of it here.  

The Changing Tide

"It's like someone owns a house, and then his neighbours come with guns and try to take it over."

A Taxi Driver yesterday on the Gaza situation

"It's strange, everybody, besides the Islamists and the leftists, watching it had the same attitude, one of annoyance at the protesters and the Gaza situation. The general attitude was 'Those people received better treatment from the egyptian government then we ever did and they receive more money than us, why protest over their rights? Shouldn't our rights take precedent?' "

A journalist friend of mine covering a Pro-Gaza protest at the Book Fair

"So yeah, we received a high alert warning. The Police said that they are looking for about 30 hamas and islamic Jihad elements that made it through and they are looking for them all over Egypt. Great being me today, huh?"

A manager friend of mine who works at a prestigious 5 star hotel. 


An egyptian, Christian and very patriotic female friend of mine's response when I asked her how she feels about the Gaza Border situation. 

"You know what's going to suck about all of this? You will turn out to be right about this all along and we will never hear the end of it."

A Pro-Gaza friend of mine, his support wavering of late. 

"We have long sufferd from Having Egypt play ' the Big Sister', and we are against this humiliating role that forces on Egypt obligations and sacrifises without any compensation in return. On the contrary, in the  countries of his alleged brothers, the egyptian received an almost racist treatment apart from all the other nationalities. And we are willing to give up the role of the 'Big Sister'- which has caused us great poverty- to anyone who wants it, and we hold on to one principle only: Egypt is for the Egyptians! "

Ahmed Ragab, Al Akhbar Newspaper, yesterday 

Consequences & Opprutunities

Consequences of the border breach… 

According to Hamas' announcement last night, the two
terrorists responsible for yesterday morning's attack in Dimona set out
from Hebron. At the same time, the original and reasonable assumption
that the bombers had moved from Gaza, via Sinai, to the Negev was based
on the profusion of intelligence warnings that had multiplied following
the breach of the border between Gaza and Egypt. These warnings are
still current, and continue to concern the security establishment.

This situation was created by the helplessness of Egypt, which did
not hasten to close the breaches, and the permission it gave to Gaza
civilians to enter its territory. But it was also caused by
carelessness, or at least excessive complacence on the part of Israel,
which for years has not bothered to build a real fence along its long
border with Egypt. Those who until now have taken advantage of this
open border to smuggle refugees, women or drugs used it yesterday to
bring across the terrorists who carried out the attack. Anyone, then,
who is looking for a target for blame can find it equally in Egypt and

..present us with a unique Opportunity..

The Foreign Ministry is recommending that Israel
allow Egypt to double the number of soldiers it has stationed along its
borders with Israel and Gaza – something that Cairo has long wanted to
do, but that Jerusalem has hitherto vetoed.

Since the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty strictly limits the forces
that Egypt can deploy along these borders, any increase would require
Israel's consent.

Foreign Ministry Tzipi Livni plans to present her ministry's
recommendation Wednesday at a special meeting in the Prime Minister's
Office concerning the Gaza-Egypt border. 

Secure the borders people. by any means necessary! 

War at the borders

So..ehh..when the people next door try to cross your border and shoot at you when you try to stop them, that's like a declaration of war, right?

Palestinian gunmen and
Egyptian forces exchanged fire at the Gaza-Egypt border on
Monday, killing one person and wounding 59 others a day after
Cairo closed the breached frontier with the Hamas-run enclave.

At least 45 Egyptian policemen and 14 Palestinians were
wounded in the clash at the Rafah border crossing, which Hamas
Islamists blasted open on January 23 to let Gazans stock up on
supplies in defiance of an Israeli-led blockade.

The dead person was identified by local medical officials
as a Palestinian civilian. Two Egyptians suffered gunshot
wounds and one senior security official sustained fractures
from stone throwing, security sources and medical officials

Hamas denied any role in the fighting, which began after
Egyptian security men stopped the flow of people trying to go
back home and the crowd responded with stone-throwing, drawing
smoke grenades from the Egyptians, local residents said.


Egyptian security officials said Palestinians threw petrol
bombs at the police and border guards and at the border wall
separating Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Yeah, no one could've expected this or seen it coming. No one at all! 

For some Perspective

Shamelessly stolen from here:

In other words, Palestinians are about in the mid-average range for
third-world countries, and rank almost the same as Mexico (the USA's
bordering country and trade ally) on the poverty index. Interesting.

For some perspective

Human Poverty Index (HPI-1) 2004
Palestinians have a better time than:

Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Morocco, Africa and most of South Africa, Central America and Asia

Probability of not surviving past age 40(%)2004
Palestinians have a better time than:

Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Morocco, Africa and most of South Africa, Central America and Asia

Adult illiteracy rate (%ages 15 and older)2004
Palestinians have a better time than:

Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Morocco, Africa and most of South Africa, Central America and Asia

People without access to an improved water source (%) 2004
Palestinians have a better time than:

Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Morocco, Africa and most of South Africa, Central America and Asia

Children underweight for age (% ages 0-5) 2004
Palestinians have a better time than:

Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Morocco, Africa and most of South Africa, Central America and Asia

Zionists! *shakes fist in the air*

Check it out yourself here! 

Necessary survival needs..

…now include lions and monkeys. Who knew?



to the newspaper, many of the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who
poured across the border into Egypt to buy non-essential goods that
Israel has placed an embargo on used counterfeit Israeli money to make
their purchases.

Phony Israeli currency has reportedly been printed in Gaza since Israel withdrew from the territory in 2005.

But the Egyptians also failed to play fair, reportedly selling
food and other perishable goods to the Palestinians that were past
their expiration dates.

Serves them both right.. 


J.T.’s Super Bowl ad

Just watching him hitting the mailbox makes me happy!