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Sarkozy and the Holocaust

The Frenchies are not happy with his newest educational proposal to teach 10 year olds stories of 10 year old jewish kids who were killed in the holocaust. Now, yes, I can see how many people could find this distasteful on the ground of the children's age, but one has to wonder if the age argument applies anymore. I mean, no one would've said anything if this was taught to 12 year olds, and since 10 is the new 12 (goddamn you growth hormones and mentally stimulating technology),I am not sure that it's problematic on the grounds of age. It is, however, problematic from the view of indoctrination. Sure, Anti-semitism is on the rise in France, but is this really the best way to combat it?

Cindy Sheehan is in town

"Peace Mom" is here supporting the rights of the Muslim Brotherhood members on trial. Who wants to come with me and throw eggs at her? Ramsey Clark is also here. We can egg him too. It's double the fun this way. Any takers? E-mail me!

Oh, and here is her Open Letter to our First Lady , Suzy Mubarak. Isn't it nice how she pimps her dead army son in the first paragraph of it? I think it's heartwarming. Don't you?

Also, gotta love the ending paragraph;

Thank you for your consideration in this important
matter, inshallah we will work together for a peaceful
and just resolution for the betterment of humanity.

So, supporting the MB is now for the betterment of humanity? And did you notice the Inshallah? How very touching and culturally sensitive..

Oh, and the signature 

Cindy Sheehan

A US Congress Candidate

Founder & Chairperson of the Gold Star Families for Peace

Director of Camp Casey Peace Institute

Otherwise known as unemployed political whore. And can you put "US congress candidate" as a job description? Doesn't it only count if you win?

Like we needed this shit! 

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