Qhaddafi the libertarian

The man is brilliant.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi urged a sweeping reform of government
on Sunday, saying most of the cabinet system should be dismantled as it
had failed to manage the north Africa's country's windfall oil earnings.

Gaddafi told the General People's Congress or parliament that big
projects were behind schedule and so ordinary people should themselves
devise a new way of sharing out oil revenues.

"All citizens have the right to benefit from the oil funds. They
should take the money and do whatever they want with it," he said in a
speech in his home town of Sirte.

His call for the dismantling of most cabinet committees, key cogs
in Libya's unique Jamahiriyah or "state of the masses" system, is
expected to be debated by parliament in coming days.

What would the middle-east be like without him? Seriously.. 


  1. Interesting. Is he actually trying to help his people?

    I’d say it is good thing. Am I being naive?

  2. hehe, he is prepearing for the 72 virgin eden, saving his soul

  3. Twosret says:

    He is not making enough money these days of his people that is all :)

  4. Qhadafi is french of corsican origin, hehe :lol:


  5. nomad, quel horreur!

    I do wish someone would show him how to apply eyeliner correctly- the black eye effect isn’t terribly flattering

  6. lol, this dude certainly is SO entertaining for a president!!

    i wonder what it would be like if this guy had his own blog u know hahaha

  7. Noliving says:

    It would be pretty boring! This guy makes the middleeast fun!

  8. Slavin, he has a blog, I don’t remember the coordonnees

  9. Mike Nargiziain says:

    It’s just amazing that a guy who engineered the hijacking and murder of hundreds of people (without holding against him the standard in the Arab world, he’s a petty dictator) is sitting on the UN Security Council and gets any credence regarding anything. But hey the chinless opthamologist and his thugs do as well and the even compared to Quadaffi massively dillusional religious nutjob Ahminadinejad even spoke at Columbia with 1 of the Deans blushing when he shook his hand.

    Orwell was fing genius of common sense.


  10. “Orwell was fing genius of common sense.”

    A true and utterly terrifying statement! :(

  11. for those who understand french, here is a blog that explains the “Dallas” family business


    and Khadafi’s blog in french, though, I am sure he’s got one in english too


  12. Many Thanks Nomad for the links!

    Seriously, i would’ve never believed this untill i saw it with my own eyes, not that it has anything to do with your credibility mate but it’s just…well,…hard to believe!?

    but then again, he IS a (lets go with…) “unique” man!

    btw, you can change/select different languages by pressing the button with “Autres Langues” written on it up in the right corner of the page.