The Sharper Image is going down?



  1. John Cunningham says:

    I sent my sister an Amazon gift card. I just sent her that Yahoo article.

  2. tedders says:

    Who would by that overpriced crap anyway? I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did!

  3. I think they really got hit hard when their ionic air purifier, went kaput. It was a huge sales item for them.

  4. Yes, the daughter gave me an Ionic Air Purifier, and I hadn’t the heart to tell her it was all bullshit salesmanship. None of this stuff works really, though other high volumn filters do work, just expensive. The creaps at the Sharper Image got caught out by their 2 suits against the real truthtellers. Serves them right, though the real retailors just got away with extraordinary “screw our cu8stomers”. Too bad it’s illegal to roughtly insert a red-hot iron up the anus of many of the retailers of this “FAUX” product.
    Fuckwits, and many of them are the leading retailers in the USA – - people willing to fuck over their usual customers.

  5. Columbia kills a terrorist and drives Chavez over the edge. It’s an insane world.