A free tibet protest in tebet

Autocratic regimes are all the same:

The day seems to be silent and peacefull, even boring. Until 6 o´clock.
then 100s of Tibetans gather together on the Bakhor Square. They form a
strong, silent, peacefull circle around the police who keep the middle
of the square open. Soon they call for backup. Undercoveragents, not so
difficult to recognize film the whole happening. Especially the faces.
This is one method to create fear.  Suddenly there is panic. 6 or 7
monks are arrested and driven away. Tibetans are very scared because of
the stories about the prisons and tortures. In the mean while big
numbers of policemen arrive. They drive everybody apart. But until
sunset small groups of people stay around. There are tourists, Tibetans
and Tibetan resembling spies. Apparently we stick around to long
because some Tibetans start to warn us to be careful about the
undercoverpolice who are watching us closely. We even get a note that
says we are being followed and have to be carefull about what we say.
The whole evening misty figures keep following us, even to the
restaurant and the bar.


This bunch of harmless looking policemen where just a distraction. The
undercovers were the hard men, who were also watching us closely, so
taking pictures of them was no option.

De Ja Vu, anyone? Read it all. The video is here!  

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  1. yao liyun
    April 30, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    As a tourist in Tebet ,i promise the local news is not true at all.
    Why u American government covers the truth TO THE PUBLIC.

  2. George Aung
    January 5, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    Are u Chinese, Yao Liyun?


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