Invade Germany now

Their army is..not doing very well..

Berlin – German soldiers are overweight, smoke too much and do not
engage in enough sports, according to a report published Tuesday by the
parliamentary commissioner for the defence force. "Male and female
soldiers are too fat, partake little in sports and pay too little
attention to what they eat," Reinhold Robbe said in his official report
to parliament. He called the situation "shocking."

In the 18-29
age-group, military personnel are in worse condition than their
civilian counterparts, with 40 per cent of soldiers overweight against
35 per cent in the general population, according to Robbe. Despite the widespread availability of sports equipment in the army, more than 20 per cent don't engage in any sports at all. Robbe also noted that an alarming 70 per cent of military personnel were smokers.

Bismark must be rolling in his grave! 


  1. dunno how the youngs are now there, a few decades ago they weren’t fat !

  2. You do not need to be skinny to press a button.

  3. Bismarck is rolling very well, because he was really overweight! A true German soldier.