Irony, defined

Watching Asala- the pro-Aassad syrian superstar- singing over the part of Rafiq Al Harriri's death in the 45 minute fuckfest song titled "The arabian conscience"!

Saad must be loving this! 


  1. ‘the arab conscience’ nightmare needs to be seen to be believed. post the link if you can. It’s 40 solid minutes of horrific scenes of violence from select war zones, mutliated and dead bodies. why is it all about war? I mean, I’m willing to get in touch with the adopted arab identity if you give me something decent- but this, this just made me feel quite ill after watching it and I was looking away for most of it.

  2. Anna:

    The point can only be taken from the location of the selected war zones and whether the point is to dramatize the victimization of the Arab nation by the Crusader nations to invoke whatever emotions the film makers wanted.

    The irony to which Monkey refers is the incredible cognitive disconnect of the singer, who on the one hand, supports the Assad government, which is being investigated for its role in the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, and on the other wailing about… …the assassination of Rafiq Hariri.

  3. Curt from Houston says:

    On the subject of proportional response on the part of the Israelis. Here’s what I propose. In the spirit of the response that the allies took during World War Two from Nazi Germany bombing London, the Israelis should do the following,

    Announce to the Palestinians’ that starting next week, every rocket fired into Israeli territory will be met with a single 155mm high explosive artillery round fired randomly into the Palestinian enclave from which the rocket was fired. After two weeks, two 155mm rounds will be fired for every rocket. After three weeks, three rounds for every rocket. Four weeks, four rounds, so on and so forth until the Hamas savages either get the message or are all dead. Whichever comes first. I suspect that the rocket problem would go away after two or three weeks.

    That’s all.

  4. I haven’t seen this video, I don’t like images like this, but I have been watching Asala over and over for the past two years in many interviews and I have never heard her speak well of Asad. Can someone point to me a link where she praised him?

    What is the update on Hariri investigation? Is Asad accused officially of killing Hariri? I didn’t follow up on that for a while now.

  5. Curt @ 3,

    I second it.

  6. the arab conscience, there are a few more parts.

    and i think i’ve just come across the ‘jewish conscience’?

    douze points for picking a mizrahi but zero points for the silver service look and excessive use of ‘kh’ sounds.

  7. Such a shame that they used such scenes of violence, a lot of the words are really touching and a sound assessment of life today. I’m all for uniting with arabs but not to fight and hate. We have a lot in common, if only that song had celebrated that….