They let 60 in

Those uppity MB activists. They should be grateful:

largest opposition group accused the government of sharply curbing its
chances in upcoming local elections by allowing only 60 of its 10,000
potential candidates to register amid an ongoing crackdown against the

"The Brotherhood were ready to register in all the local councils,"
he told reporters in front of parliament. Nearby, two dozen riot police
deployed to the building.

El-Katatni said that "700 of the group's potential candidates have been seized from their homes by police" since February.

Maybe I should run? How bad could it be?


  1. Probably you’d do it better than many professional politicians. If you think you could do it better than Chávez, go for it!. At least, your government won’t be boring ;) .

    In any case: People of Egypt!, Vote Monkey!

  2. I wonder how many of those 606 will be elected.

  3. The muslim brotherhood has to be CRACKED DOWN ON like a plague!! They are the biggest threat to us in Egypt!! They have brain washed our sad youth and taken advantage of their misery!!

    Secularism is the answer! Being secular does not mean you are not a religious person or a bad person, once the people understand this then maybe us seculars could have a strong support in Egypt. I myself am a Muslim who follows his religion, prays, ect…but i’m extremeley SECULAR!