The Shia in Lebanon are starting to Panic

No one, and I mean no one in Lebanon- besides Tubby Turban* and his band of armed dick-jerkers want another war with Israel, especially the Shia. Abu Kais has the news.

*Trying out a new nickname for Nasrallah. You like? Have a better one? Let me know! 


  1. Umm Kais says:

    I loooove the new nickname, although he deserves worse!

  2. I suggest “Tubby the Tuber” because he lives permanently underground.

    Tubbiness seems to go with turbans generally. Indeed, priests of most religions tend to be plump and smug. (But some are skinny and forbidding.)

  3. As Nasrallah talks big but is never around when shots are fired or bombs are dropping, I think “Disappearing Dick” is appropriate.

  4. Or hiding under Ahmadinajad’s bed.

  5. “Tubby Turban” …ok you got me. It took a minute for the giggles to percolate to the surface but man when they did!

  6. How about Nasty Nasrallah?
    Incidently, nasrala in Russian means: “She defecated”
    Probably that’s how he came into the world. Appropriate, isn’t it?

  7. Chris Harr says:

    For some reason I always thought that Nasrallah meant out of the nostril of G_D. So I’ve been calling him Bugger Boy. But that’s just me.

  8. e. weisbord says:

    Gotta go with Nasty R. Allahkazam-flim -flam man. (a combo with No. 6)

  9. “Bugger” Boy, hahaha “Damn it” Boy. :)

    “The most perfect defender of the faith who is always the first to spill enemy blood.” Or did I get that mixed up?