The Obama Messiah Watch!

We are building a religion!


  1. With what is going on right now, hopefully we won’t have to follow him much longer.

  2. lol

    It is going to be fun watching Hillary knock the aura off this guy.

  3. That is a good song. Cake is one of the best bands out there. What do you guys thing the song is about. Since it came out in mid 2001 my guess is that it is about the rise of Mega-Churches.

  4. John Cunningham says:

    The BO speech in Philadelphia just ended. With what we’ve heard over this past weekend one comes away with thinking “birds of a feather, flock together”. If after twenty years he was oblivious to what was going on, he’s stupid. Or, he thinks we’re stupid. I think it’s that he thinks we’re all stupid.

    He tried to put us on a guilt trip. He’s setting us up for reparations.

  5. It must be obvious to many of his one-time followers that he’s lying on this one. Either he wasn’t as devout and constant a church-goer as he claims, and hence didn’t know what Wright was saying, or – much more likely – he did know and didn’t care. Lying either way.

    Nothing new here, then. Just another opportunist politician, with convincing but glib oratory, and a different complexion as his point of difference. No real change. No reason for hope.

    Good all this happened. I was getting scared of his arrogance. He wants us to believe that the solution to all our problems reside within him. Like the monkey man suggests, messianic. Or, if you like, fascistic.

  6. brooklynjon says:

    I have decided to sell all my earthly posessions and send the money in to Obama.


  7. Gee, Twosret, why am I not surprised that you spend don’t have any problems with Obama attending a militantly racist Church for the last 20 years? In fact, this is the ONLY Christian Church Obama has ever been a member of. Everything he knows about Christianity, comes from Pastor Wright. And you have NO problem with that. You certainly don’t hesitate to attack Christian Pastor’s you disapprove of, though, do you? Keep talking, Twosret. The more you say the more you prove I’ve been right about you all along. I’ve known you hated white people for years. I even accused you of it about the 4th time you made ethnic comments about me.

  8. That video really. . . captures. . . a lot of the concerns I have about Obama and his messianic following. This video, though, captures the concerns about his racism. You and Your Racist Friends

  9. Less then two weeks after Google lifted the age restrictions on my video — the Obamabots who do not want you to see my video, “Obama: Building a Religion” it got it censored behind the age firewall again! Beyond ridiculous….I can’t describe how outraged I am right now.

    When the video is un-censored, it generates between 500 and 1000 views per day. Behind the age firewall, it generates less than 50.