Speaking of Sex in the City

This sextoy company has an entire line of inflatable dolls that look like celebrities. Here is Sarah Jessica Parker's:


They also have Eva Langoria, J-lo, Paris Hilton (yeah, cause nailing the real one is so hard), Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba and two Jessica Simpsons. Fun Times! 


  1. I wouldn’t nail Sarah Jessica “Porkher” with someone else’s 10 foot pole.

  2. anonymous says:

    Now this, and not ur friend’s boring analysis of Leb guys…is funny!

  3. I know just whom o send it to.

  4. I know just whom to send it to.

  5. C’mon Monkey. Postings like these merit filing under “Juvenallia”.

  6. I would like to take Sarah Jessica and spend a weekend in a hot tub with her naked as a blue jay!

  7. brooklynjon says:

    Count me as one who never understood the whole Sarah Jessica Parker thing. I don’t find her attractive at all. And that show! I feel like I need to take a bath after watching it. Yuck!

  8. My sentiments exactly bj. What does “that show” teach our daughters? (I have two boys but you know what I mean)

  9. Eclectic Infidel says:

    The show isn’t meant to teach anyone anything. It’s pure entertainment and it’s debatable whether or not it’s even worth watching. If the program offends your conservative sensibilities, don’t watch it and keep your kids from watching it.

  10. The Penguin says:

    Wouldn’t touch any of them, not as dolls and certainly not as real people. Can’t stand any of them. Definitely NOT my type.

    Give me Kuriyama Chiaki (Go Go in Kill Bill) any day.

  11. “It’s pure entertainment”

    Well, that’s your opinion, not mine. To me it’s a sleekly packaged corporate advertisement for STD’s and appeals to the lowest common denominator.