Paris Hilton trying to bellydance

Try not to point while laughing…


  1. Spanish Dancer says:

    This video proves it: Paris Hilton literally does not know how to do anything other than just stand around giggling.

  2. hilarious

  3. brooklynjon says:

    What SD said. Pathetic.

  4. Her inability to “move” must be because of her man-sized, size 11 feet :)

  5. Part of it is also the complete lack of “scenery.” Anybody else notice how much prettier the dancer is?

  6. anonymous says:

    I can’t believe i actually watched this…i must really be bored cuz i never watch those entertainment news shows..aka Paris/Brangelina/Aniston update shows…

    Having watched it though, I don’t think any1 will ever be in love with Paris the way Paris is in love with Paris…

  7. Oh dear. No wiggle. No wiggle at all.

  8. wow. I could do better than that and I am completely horrible.