Sharqawy’s publishing house ransaked by Vice police

It happened an hour ago and the details are still hazy. The Public Morality Police (we actually have one) has just stormed Sharqawy's publishing house, and confiscating all of the available copies of the egyptian graphic novel "Metro" . The police are demanding the presence of Shrqawy and Metro's author Magdy el Shafey and are banning Metro from all Bookstores. If anyone could explain to me why they are having such blood vendetta against Sharqawy, please e-mail me. This is making no sense!


  1. They also took copies of all the other books … I do not think this is the end of it …. Rogers, my book, African Prophet .. and more ……. WTF!!!!!!!

  2. Robbing is baaaaaad.

    shutting people’s mouthes is allowed though.


    would that explanation be sufficient/

  3. they’re probably making a hullaballo because theres a sex scene between an unmarried couple in “metro”. I was suprised the rekaba let it slide for so long . the books been in Diwan for at least two months

  4. all this hullaballoo is probably because there is a sex scene between an unmarried couple in “metro” , I was seriously suprised the rekaba let it slip for so long

  5. come on it was not an offfensive scene and, the novel is restricted for adults and it`s shown proprely on the cover
    do you think it is that scene
    or the scenes of the protest, and of the corrupted politicien delivered to the street poeple like a chicken..
    which would the police forces consider more immoral”.. if any is an excuse to confiscate a book
    is medieval in here or what?

  6. The scenario is not that sensitive,maybe its just a part of the game.