Eddie Izzard..a politician??

It's like a dream! While we are at it, Jon Stewart for Senate. Who is with me?


  1. Careful… You may encourage some of Hollywood’s finest in their belief that playing a politician on the big screen makes them qualified to be one in real life… No comment on Arnie :)

  2. brooklynjon says:

    Yeah but Eddie is twice as clever as any of those Hollywood wannabes.

  3. Jon Steward for Senator ….. of Massachussetts.

  4. Jon Stewart for senate?.. mmm .. I still can’t make my mind if this is a brilliant or a disastrous idea :)

  5. CarpetCaptain says:

    Don’t many of Hollywood’s types already believe that they’re politicians? Take Martin Sheen for example he’s now running demonstrations during elections because somehow he thinks he’s president whathisface from the oval office. Whoopi Goldberg, Sean Penn, B. Streisand and the list goes on and on and on.

    Fortunately Izzard isn’t a US citizien yet (to my knowledge) so California is still safe from a second governator.