Cause women should be able to walk the streets safely

One Million Signatures Campaign

Support Women's Demands for a New Law Against Sexual Harassment

One Million Signatures Campaign for a law protecting women from sexual
harassment is part of our broader Campaign Against Sexual Harassment:
Making our Street Safer for Everyone, which began in 2005 in response
to complaints from Egyptian and foreign women exposed to sexual
harassment in Egypt’s streets. Please join us to protect your mother,
sister, wife, daughter and yourself.

To join you can
1. Email with your name, job and email address
2. Follow the link and sign the petition online or
3. Print out the petition, distribute it to all your friends and family, then send it back to ECWR.

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  1. Great initiative!
    A wee comment, though. It is impossible for people who wish to sign the petition to navigate website in Arabic in order the find the thing. Something simple like SIGN PETITION would solve the problem. In other words, don’t torment the people that want to help.

  2. anonymous says:

    i hope this will work…inshallah

    i was groped in Cairo the 1st time i went there…walking at night and i felt the unwanted touch of fingers in a place a women shouldn’t feel a random stranger’s fingers in…

    it’s a serious problem…i always wonder what these men would do if it was their mother, sister, cousin, niece, aunt or grandmother being harassed or groped…

  3. Take the subway once in Tokyo and you´ll see.

    “i was groped in Cairo the 1st time i went there…walking at night ”

    Are you an american cow ?

  4. anonymous says:


    R u an Egyptian ass? U prob have 2 cop cheap feels of unsuspecting women 2 get any kind of sex.

  5. nameless says:

    Can someone point me to the story that started this petition? Ive been to Egypt on several occasions and I haven’t noticed a sexual harassment epidemic. Ive seen one incident and when the lady told the crowd that was gathering around them what happened people started physically harassing the guy. Isn’t Egypt a majority muslim country? We all know how they feel about sexuality so Im curious to see why you think there is some epidemic going on to warrant a petition?

  6. anonymous says:

    nameless, just search for “Eid incident”. I lived in Cairo many years ago and felt safe in the streets even at midnight (something I could not say about the bars for Westerners). Obviously, things have changed.

  7. anonymous says:

    raaasa, here is the PDF to print out and send back:
    And here you can find the contact details in English:

  8. CarpetCaptain says:

    Public/Sexual harassment will never stop in Egypt o any of the other ultra conservative ME countries. Think about it, the last time any of these boys saw a real tit or vagina was when they came fed from or came out of one .

    They expect to get married to get laid, have no money to find a place to live, furnish it, pay dowry (or whatever the fuck they call it downthere), go on a honeymoon etc etc. Imagine what American and Canadian boys would do if they didnt have any physical contact with the opposite(or same as it may be lol) sex.

  9. yes, ecwr has collected enough information and testimonies to make them think the epidemic is increasing….obviously u were here MANY years ago, because i have NEVER walked down any egyptian street without hearing at least one comment. yesterday in a nice foreign-infested neighborhood in broad daylight a minivan with two guys in it followed me down the street, honking their horn and shouting at me, and even parking. i had to cross the street and wait until they drove away.