How about No?

Well, do you think GMT should be replaced with Mecca Mean Time?

Yeah, didn't think so!


  1. Will time run faster or slower if ’0′ is shifted?

  2. Just realized this one.

    “How about No?” is famous Dr. Evil phrase. I imagined it being said the way it should be said and cannot stop laughing still.

    SM, thank you for making my day.

  3. OMG. Beyond retarded.

  4. Why not? MMT could have all sorts of uses. We could travel back in time simply by making a clock run backwards. We could stop all movement of others by stopping our watch. We could get through unpleasant events quicker by adjusting our watch forwards.

    And what’s more, the argument for MMT is true in a sense; it is the center of the earth for a lot of targeting systems and if we got MMT then they couldn’t bomb Mecca because if they did, all time would stop.

    Maserya, I take issue with your comment: It isn’t beyond retarded, merely typical of Islamic reasoning.

  5. Don’t you hate time zones imposing themselves on the rest of the world? Here in the United States, everything is given in Eastern time. It’s another one of the privileges of the east coast elite. So yeah I say, let’s all change to Mecca.

    I love articles that quote unnamed “scientists” that rail against British colonialism. And I absolutely love Al-Arabiya reader comments. “i bet u anything that the jews r gonna be the first to refuse.” Thanks for the prediction Iraqi girl.

  6. Great idea…time will stand still. No one will age and we get to dress like the 8th century – anyone have a burlap bag they’re not using?

  7. ratedrsuperstar says:

    I wonder if some of islams true believers will use the refusal to accept the mecca time system as an excuse to declare jihad on the ‘evil jooooos and the west’

  8. brooklynjon says:


    I don’t understand. Is there a second time zone in the states? I thought it was just Eastern. Confused.