If you put a cat in a microwave…

..this is what happens!


  1. You’re better than linking to that, dude.

  2. did you actually watch it?

  3. Yeah, my objection is not to the fake putting cats in the microwave, but to the lame humor.

  4. CarpetCaptain says:

    Another perfectly appropriate microwave animal, its no longer only chicken, beef and pork but apparently a lil pussy doesn’t hurt. That was about 15 seconds (I ffwd’d IT) of my life that I’ll never get back.

  5. LeninMarxEngels says:

    Let’s burn capitalists and christians instead. I live in a post-Communist country, my Grandpa’ used to kick the shit out of them and incinerate them in the GULAG. What cool times they were! They cried like sissies…

  6. LeninMarxEngels says:

    Movie to enjoy:


    This will happen to you, enslavers. You will work ’till death.

  7. FAT TED says:

    YOUR A SAD CUNTS. Do u really know what will happan to a cat? Its blood would boil from the inside, the eyeballs would melt and the whole thing will set alite.

  8. anonymous says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t watch it.
    Thank you, SM, for reminding me, again, how many seriously sick sick psychos are out there..I would have never even had a nightmare about those microwave freaks and their twisted ideas, but now..what kind of person thinks up stuff like that?