It has come to that..

"The Syrian delegation hints that the plane of the Arab League's special delegation to Lebanon might not be allowed to land at Beirut's Airport, in case they indicted Hezbollah."

AlSharq Al Awsat newspaper, yesterday


"Do you know  who is going in that special delegation? Somalia, Djibouti, and a bunch of other small and insignificant arab countries. None of the big boys are going- Not Saudi, Egypt, Jordan or Syria are going. Shit, I didn't even know that Djibouti was considered an arab country until today!" 

 A female journalist friend, yesterday


  1. EgyPeter says:

    Almost as ridiculous as calling Egypt an “Arab” country….

    And I thought that speaking Arabic was the only (false) qualification to be considered “Arab”….apparently not.

  2. CarpetCaptain says:

    Why wouldn’t Egypt be considered Arab? it qualifies in all the criteria. Its a police state, ruled by a dictator with no hopes of democracy whatsoever, its heavily influenced by all sorts of Islamofascists, the economy is in the shitter, women and minorities have no rights, high illiteracy and most of the country wants to immigrate to the west but in the meantime bashing it will do.

    I’m sure Myanmar will soon lie up to sign up for being the newest addition to the league of losers (arab league)

  3. The Arab League is completely worthless. It’s like an Arab version of the League of Nations back in the day, except much more useless, and a lot less relevant.

  4. CarpetCaptain, too brilliant, and painfully true.

    I wish Sandmonkey would put up a poll on his wonderful blog:

    What prevents Arabic countries from entering “the modern world”? (maybe this question needs clarification/reformulation, it’s too vague)…

    a) Islam
    b) Tribal values are more important than national identity
    c) Low/invisible social status of women
    d) Dictators/corrupt government
    e) Poor quality of public education
    f) Resentment of more economically successful nations
    g) Domination and manipulation by Western imperialist democracies seeking to control oil flowing to the West.
    h) Israel (but of course)
    i) Who needs the stinking “modern world”? I volunteer to trash this computer!

    … and … but this ruins the value of the poll… don’t offer it…

    j) all of the above

    I bet you can think of more choices.

  5. ana Tafengi says:

    Djibouti an Arab country? Shit, why don’t they add Chad to the rooster? At least they speak Arabic in Ndjamena, unlike in Djibouti where they totally have no clue about Arabic except from the local iman. Fancy going to a mosque and having the Prophet’s language translated to you.