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I have been reading a bunch of lebanese opposition blogs lately, and I have to say that I am amazed on how disconnected from reality they are, or rather how reversed their reality is. You see, what Hezbollah did was justified apparently and they have in essence liberated Beirut , oh and the FM secuirty force-that ran away when Hezbollah first attacked- is actually the Harriri terrorist militia , killer of syrian workers and attacker of lebanese christians. It's great!

Some of the opposition do keep a level head about all of this and don't indulge in their own bullshit like the above blogs do, and for that I am grateful. They do have a sense of weariness to them, knowing-unlike the previously mentioned blogs who were written by the blogging equivalent of 13 year old female NSYNC fans who are talking smack about the equally lame Backstreet Boys- that there is no easy victory here, and that what Hezbollah did will cost them and the Lebanese Shia for years to come  I will provide you with a list to check out, in order to give you a "more rounded" perspective on all of this:

Marxist from Lebanon

In the Middle of the East

Land and People


And because we offer full services around here at Sandmonkey INC. , we recognize that there are those of you who are anti- both sides as well as there some of a who are Lebanese and who simply hate everything that is going on. So for both of those gorups I give you the one and only Fuck Lebanon blog.  


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  1. In the Middle of the East
    May 14, 2008 at 11:23 am

    An opposition blog, me? I’m not even Lebanese…
    I try to have an evenhanded approach as an outside observer who has no ties to any of the (many, many) parties involved in the Lebanese situation (al-wada3 lol). I obviously have my own political outlook, which is generally nondogmatic leftish, but that actually means i have no specific sympathy for any of the sides, since none of them are in actual reality anywhere near leftwing, whatever their name or their supporters might suggest…
    still, thanks for not lumping me in with the first category…


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