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No more Whiskey at the Grand Hayatt

I got lots of e-mails on this last piece of news: A Saudi owner of an egyptian Hotel has decided ti impose his religious belief on his establishment and prevent the serving of Alcohol in his Hotel. Some people naturally applauded (moronic unappreciative of alcohol people) the very islamic decision and others freaked out and talked about how Saudi is flexing its financial muscles and spreading their brand of Islam in the region. The later group is a bunch of mornonic fuckwits who haven;t been paying attention this past 10 years: Spreading their image of Islam? Really? Anymore than they already have? 

Look around you, you fuckin Morons. They have exported it already.  They even had you believe that Niqabs and Hijab's are parts of Islamic faith, and that Qaradawy is a moderate. Let's not ignore their television sponsored activities on the different MBC's and their numerous other channels (censoring kisses, blurting out words, re-editing entire Music Videos on MTV Arabia), or the amount of piss their directly deposit into people's brains by the fantastic islamist channels such as Al Nas and Al Resalah. And please, while we are at it, let's also mention how on Rotana they have been trying for the past 5 years to make Khaliji music and dance hip and cool, and failing miserably at it, because whether they like it or not, they are not artistic people. They understand the formulaic ways in which you can make something liked by the mass population, but they don't actually get it. However, they did manage to create a market for it in Egypt, sure it's a market that requires you to have lived in one of their countries to enjoy their tribal drivel, but it's a market nonetheless. Anyway… back to the original problem.

Me, personally, I ffind no problem with what this guy did. It's his hotel. He paid for it. He could serve rotten pigs' blood as a drink for all I care. The people, at the end of the day, have the right to either go to him for service or not. It's his money at the end of the day, and if he ends up losing out because of it, hey, one less gulfie with money to waste. How is that possibly a bad thing?

Now, if you are concerned that this will lead to other Hotels refusing to serve alcohol, well, simply start drinking alcohol more. Go to Hotels and order many many bottles of Liquor. Demand that the government issue more liquor licenses and open bars in your neighborhoods and streets. Send a message: Alcohol is still popular here, so Saudis can suck it! Anything short of this is folly and a waste of time. Or you can also get totally drunk as a group and go burn the fucker down. That should send a message as well.

Wolf Whistle works

In New Zealand. An Israeli woman heard it and decided to strip. How about that? And people tell me we shouldn;t support normalization and encourage Israeli tourism. Pshhh.. She should visit Egypt next. She will never get dressed!

Gambia wants to behead the Gays..

They can either …ok..I was gonna go with a " stop men from giving other men head or lose their own" joke, but, yeah, bad taste. You get the point though. Some crazy leader from some African country decided to kill whichever dares to express "man-love". Given how an African spread AIDS to humans by once fucking a monkey, I think they are a lil late for the moral-outrage brigade.  What do you think?

What Saad Al Harriri should've done

Today is the day Michael Sulliman gets appointed president of Lebanon, ending a tumultuous  year of political instability in Lebanon. We won't discuss here the compromise they've achieved, because I am sick and tired of watching M14 get their asses handed to them and then have them smile to the camera and claim that they are "not losing" and that "co-existence" has been achieved once again. Well, good for you Saad: They get to keep their weapons, the favorable arabic popular opinion and power over the country, while, you, well, you get to not have your downtown business disrupted. Ohhh….Great fuckin win. I mean sure, Having Aoun realizing that he won't ever be President is nice and all, but given how discredited he is, this is no trophy!

Now, if I was Saad, and I wanted the armed Shia faction of my population disarmed and without support, well, I would be facing two big problems:

1) Hezbollah has a ton of weapons, and I have almost zilch in terms of weapons or militia.

2) Hezbollah is championing the palestinian cause, and that's getting him support on the arab street.

So, what I would need is a way to get them to disarm, while eradicating their support in the arab street. Hmm.. now how would one do that?

Simple: Go to the palestinian militias inside the different camps, find the people leading the Fatah militia and make a deal with them: You will make sure they get more rights and work permits and abilities to improve their living conditions, and in exchange they would engage in a limited time armed conflict with Hezbollah, which you will also finance and support monetarily. You frame it all in terms of a greater war between sunnis and shhia, and you inform them that this is their chance to avenge their compatriots in Ghaza, by taking it out on the local Iranian-supported militia, the one that sides itself with Hamas in their goals (Hezbollah).

The Palestinians do have the numbers and the weapons, and they would probably do the fighting in exchange for some sweet deal that the M14 forces would give them. The confrontation between Fatah and Hezbollah would concentrate Hezbollah's resources and fighters on the various Lebanese refugee camps, and they will naturally spare no expense to win. Imagine the headlines as every lil supporter of Hezbollah because of Palestine turns the news to see the Hezbollah Shia killing the same Palestinians they claim to protect. Hezbollah's reputation gets instantly tarred, people-confused by what they are seeing- will start listening to people who will talk to them about the Zio-Iranian conspiracy and how the Shia are the thorn in Islam's side that needs to be removed in order for the religion to be whole again. The Entire arab world will turn on its Shia population in the areas that it could, and massive amount of aid and support will suddenly be bestowed on the M14 government, they who want to stop the Iranians from taking over arab land. It's a fantastic solution and given how stupid our population is, it can not fail. Sure, it's a completely immoral and unethical solution, has no respect for humanity, employs the dirtiest of propaganda sectarian tactics and will lead to the Sunni-Shia war and the eventual genocide of all the Shia in the arab peninsula, or vice versa, but hey, the situation would be resolved once and for all. How could that possibly be a bad thing?

Stolen from Craig's list!

I don't care what colour you are. I don't care where you're from. I
don't care what you do for a living. I don't care what class you are,
how you dress, what you smoke or drink or who you know or whom you've

I hate you all. I hate every last living, breathing, snot and feces
producing, promiscuously copulating, celebrity obsessed, opinionated
one of you. From right here in Toronto right around the planet and
back, coast to coast, nationwide and internationally. Every. Single.
Last. One. Of. You.

Fuck love. Fuck your insipid grasping at some abstract concept of
chemical imbalances and reasonless actions, fumbling around in the
crowd trying to find some cinematic supposition for real human
interaction. Fuck lust, too. Fuck you all, from the lowlife dirtbags
that think dropping trou and waving the little soldier in a sloppy arc
is a pick-up line to the sniveling of the desperate 'nice guys' who
never get the girl due to a total lack of testosterone grown stones.
Fuck you all, from the crazy, under dressed sluts that judge a persons
character by the price of their shirt, right down to the fat, flabby
chicks that think personality is enough.

Fuck you drivers, for thinking that a yellow light is a sign that says
'step on the gas'. Fuck you wheelmen and women that think it's okay to
sit in a left hand turn in the middle of morning traffic, even though
there is a protected left in the intersections before and after where
you need to make your turn. Fuck you too cyclists – you're not exempt
from the traffic laws just because your peddling, you miserable spandex
covered neon reflective fucks. Fuck you too, pedestrians. Use the
fucking crosswalk if you don't want to get hit, and use it before the
little countdown clock says '3'. You don't have enough goddamn time to
lope across four lanes of traffic.

Fuck you chick on your cellphone. Fuck you attitude packed
minimum-wager that makes my coffee. Fuck you cops that spend all their
time handing out speeding tickets. Fuck you douche bag doing ten over
the limit in the passing lane on the highway. Fuck you lady using exact
change at the counter at the grocery store. Fuck you kids having a
conversation in the doorway. And fuck you also for not getting the fuck
out of your designated handicapped seat when a pregnant or elderly
person gets on the fucking bus.

Fuck taxes. Fuck welfare. Fuck the whole selfish, over politicized
and party driven government system. I'm sick and fucking tired of
policies and new laws with seven hundred bylaws that nobody but you and
your cabinet reads. Fuck you councilors and your stupid 'district
improvement' plans. Fuck you unions, for asking for so much and giving
nothing more that what you already give. Fuck the whole process that
allows people who are supposed to be working for us work for interests
that only benefit the next campaign. Fuck your short-sightedness, your
rush to the bandwagons, and your incessant arguing over fuck all. Fuck
the parties, fuck the conventions, and fuck your campaigns. Do some
real fucking work for a change.

Fuck you bottles of water. You're water. You're not worth two fucking dollars.
Fuck you trendsetters, fuck you fashionistas. Fuck your little dogs
and and your idiotic outfits. Fuck your high heels in the snow. Fuck
your five dollar coffees and your fifteen dollar veggie burgers. Fuck
your health kick, your diet or your fucking new interest in kickboxing
or sushi.

Fuck your culture. Fuck your race. Fuck your sense of entitlement. Fuck
your sense of uniqueness. Fuck you all for the belief that you have
something unique and interesting to contribute. Fuck you for filling
the internet with your useless garbage. Fuck your blogs, your wikis,
your forums. Fuck your name calling. And most of all, fuck whatever you
believe. It's all wrong. Fuck it.

Fuck your complaints. Fuck your addictions. Fuck your dependencies.
Fuck your pain. Fuck your tears. Fuck selling whatever it is you sell.
Fuck your manipulation of others. Fuck movies. Fuck fucking. Fuck
everything you own. Fuck your allergies. Fuck your stupid commons
sense. Fuck your spelling and fuck your lack of education, or your
ignorance, whatever is applicable.

I don't give a fuck. Shut the fuck up and just get on with it.

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Forrays into 3abath

Dear all,

There is a guy called Ahmed Maher, who is a Kefaya activist and was the person responsible for operating Esra' s facebook account and the May4th group while she was in jail. Ahmed has been on the run from even before the May 4th strike, never staying in one area for too long and always hiding. I thought he was being paranoid. He wasn't. A couple of days ago as he was about to drive his car, another car stopped in front of him. When he tried to back away, three cars came up from behind him. The Boy was trapped, so he gave up and let them take him at 1 pm. They took him to an isolated location and proceeded to beat the living shit out of him for 13 consecutive hours in order for him to give them his e-mail that he regsiterd with on facebook and his password, in order to shut down that facebook group, finally letting him go a bloody mess at 2 am the next day.

Now, ignore the blatant violation of his human rights and the apparent thuggery of the government for a second, and think about the following: For a good week, an entire State Security unit- possibly with follow-up by higher command- has been hunting a guy all over cairo, for the mere fact that he has a facebook account and runs a facebook group. Let that sink in for a second, and then answer me this: Don't you feel safer already? 

The Right's Obama?

When it comes to the US elections this year, you get a sense that for most people it's a done deal: A democrat is going to win the Presidency this year. And while we can always count on the democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory-the Clinton/Obama brawl anyone?- let's just be pessimists and submit to the idea that McCain will lose this election, and the republicans- with their brand's reputation and fundraising is at an all times low- will further lose the house and the Senate. Fine, so are they done for for the next 8 years then? Not bloody likely, and mainly because of their newest star politician: Bobby Jindal.

For those of you who don't know him, Jindal is the republican governor of Louisiana and a 36 year old Indian-American. The fact that they are polishing his image right now (some are even going as far as calling him "the next Reagan") with some even dropping hints of his being a VP to McCain, means that someone is thinking ahead in the republican party, and whomever that Lone-worlf is, he is a goddamn Genius. If McCain ran with Jindal as his running mate, a revolution will take place in the american political climate, and it could even affect this current race and tilt it to the republican favor. What am I talking about? I am talking about the entrance of the Indian Immigrant population into the political fray, and how it would change everything.

You see, the american desi population usually stays out of politics, choosing to rather to keep to themselves and concentrate on their work on families. There are millions of them, the majority of which have Upper-middle class life-style, they are capitalists by nature, they have a heavy emphasis on traditional family values in the culture, and complete haters of the illegal immigrant population. In a sense, they are the republican dream voting bloc, and yet not a single politician ever courted them. 

Enter Jindal: Young, good looking Indian from both parents, a success story by both American and immigrant Indian standards, all in all a source of pride for the Desi community at large. And if the Desi blogs in America are any indication, THEY LOVE HIM. His candidacy for VP would be a source of pride to the Indian Community, and would politically mobilize this rich but usually apathetic voting population. Not to mention, it would beat the whole "republicans are racist" meme, with them taking on a distinctively non-white population that doesn't suffer a history of opression in the US and who actually love that country. If they come out for him, and they would, the US political equation will be unbalanced irrevocably. The republicans would in effect be saying to the Democrats: "Oh, you got that black vote now, didja? Good!  Keep them. Enjoy their campaign contributions. Oh wait, they rarely donate, don't they? Well, we got us the Indian votes, and boy do they have deep pockets. Suckaaaaas!"

The republicans should make McCain to pick Jindal even if it costs the earlier to lose the election, because that would be the perfect way to introduce Jindal to the american political stage and getting his name known. If they start having him on TV as their candidate for VP, making him the focus of the party the way the Democrats did with Obama, with the prospects of nominating him for President in 4 years, then they just locked themselves the indian vote and support throughout the coming two elections at least. Not something to laugh at.

Add to that the geopolitical ramification of a Jindal presidency: He would very likely bring India and the US closer together, forming an alliance that would be crucial for the survival of the US as a world power for the coming decades. The Chinese are becoming too big for the US to keep back on their own, and the Russians- aided by Venezuela, North Korea, Iran and every other despotic regime in the world- are too busy finding new ways to stab the US in the back, while the Europeans "allies" are being useless as usual, with half of them wishing to see the day where "the US is humbled", just like they are. An Alliance with India- given their common attributes of Language, democratic values, reverence for capitalism, secularism and history of fighting islamist terrorism- would be the most logical move for the US in the current political climate, and would probably benefit them greatly in the long run, espeically that the two new up and coming world powers are India and China, and they both despise each other, and the US adminstration knowing that a confrontation with China will eventaully become inevtiable. If you are going to piss off a Nuclear Giant like China, you best have one of your own, and in this case that would be India.

This is all, of course, all premature. McCain didn't choose his VP yet, and it's very possible that it might not be Jindal. But boy oh boy, if he does choose him! Now That would be change!

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