Egyptians invented Bowling

So says the Discovery channel , and the Discovery Channel is GOD when it comes to this stuff! I personally believe it. I mean, after a long day of building pyramids, wouldn't you too wanna go to a bowling bar*?

*They must've had them. We invented Beer too, BITCHES! 


  1. hahaha people must’ve been mad.. we invented hockey too :p

  2. I’d say either beer is logical step from bowling or bowling is logical step from beer. Viva Egyptians!!!

  3. Actually the first known instance of beer was in Iran under the Sumerians, a pre-semetic people.

  4. Did anyone tell the Russians that the Egyptians invented bowling? They’re gonna be pissed.

  5. Think about all those mullets in middle america who think they invented bowling.

  6. OTH, only an idiot would really care who invented bowling.
    I bet it is anti-Islamic though.

  7. Yes it is true the Egyptians invented Bowling

  8. its hard to believe, but we also invented american football, yet we dont even have a team. utter humiliation.