Leading by example

Our fair President pays his taxes like everybody else. See? Now excuse you, I have to go puke now. I am, after all, allergic to bullshit!

(Thanks R) 


  1. I came to your blog knowing I will read something about this story. I read the Arabic version and it’s far more pathetic than the English one. A real drama!
    How sad our Arab world is! We are supposed to jump hit the ceiling that the president paid a tax on a box of dates. Screw the BBC and their stupid narrative.

  2. EgyptianKangaroo says:

    This is great ! I wish we could all do the same. If we did it would solve all our problems ! We need to teach our children the same things to pay their debts and not try and run when you have to pay and not hide things in dirty underwear when you go through customs at Cairo Airport.
    ….. oh I just realised something !!! where did the 65 pounds come from ? are they not from the Egyptian tax payer !!! who on earth are these morons trying to fool !!! and I was going to fall for it.
    I hope they were nice date. can have them while watching those bread lines on BBC news at 9

  3. Valerie says:

    Cheapest advertising ever.

  4. Max,

    the BBC was making fun of Mubarak by publishing this article…

  5. WTF??! Dates!!! seriously? They gave the whole damn 1st page to the exciting thriller of “Moby & the box of DATES”??!! a7a, what’s next?

    & Max,
    It’s called sarcasm, as an Egyptian u should’ve interpreted that in a heart beat…if you’re not then read the English version & you’ll find the subtitle “PR disaster”.

  6. ur comment cracked me up man :)

    they should make pills for that !